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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Picnic tuesday.....

Madi decided last week that she wanted to go on a picnic on one of David's days off. She thought we needed to go hunting for 'water buffalo'. When we drove down to BC at Christmas she had seen some Bison and thought they looked alot like the water buffalo from the Veggie Tales song! So... I packed a picnic lunch and off we drove. I did say a little prayer that we would be able to find some, cause how do you explain to a three year old that if we don't find them, its probably cause they are on the other side of the river, which we can't get to cause of the ice road being out and the ferry not running!!! We drove for about 2 hours and lo and behold we saw 2 groups of them. They weren't that big... one group had 6 and the other just 2.. but she thought it was awesome. We drove almost all the way to the ferry (3 hrs.) and then pulled over and had a picnic in the back of our car and then headed back home!! Fun times in the North!

David stretching his legs

Madi's first attempt at taking a picture of the 'water buffalo'.... not the best shot but she is learning!

Her next attempt.. still no buffalo but getting closer!

Proof I was present!! Normally I am the one behind the camera.. cause I love it!!
The 'bigger' herd we found taking a rest!

Lily playing peekaboo!

Madi looking at the 'water buffalo'. It was so bright outside that when we opened her window so she could see better all she could do was squint!!

Me taking a picture of Madi through the back window.. pretty cool eh!

Lily got ahold of the watermelon bucket and went to town!!

Lily laughing at something David was doing!

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