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Monday, May 18, 2009

Aunt Jacqueline......

Yesterday afternoon a wonderful women of God was called home to Heaven. David's Aunt Jacqueline ( his dad's sister) was an amazing women, who made everyone around her feel so loved and special. She will be greatly missed, but she is in a much better place, as a completely healed women and one day we WILL see her again.

I ( Anne ) remember the first time I ever met Aunt J (9 years ago). David and I had been dating for about 6 months and I had gone to his house for Spring Break (we were both at Heritage Baptist College at that point) and we were going to Barrie to celebrate Oma's birthday. Aunt J was there at the house and I remember going in through the back door and almost immediately being grabbed into a big bear hug by the sweetest women. I was immediately drawn to her. She had a way of making you feel like you were the only person in the room and she truly cared about what you were saying and doing.

We spend Easter of the following year at her house in Fonthill. She was a wonderful hostess and set up a "little room" in her living room for me to stay in while we were there. I remember vividly, watching the Ottawa Senators ( my team ) lose horribly to the Toronto Maple Leafs ( everyone else's team) and how she made sure to let me know how sorry she was that they had lost!!

When David and I were married Oma and Opa were not able to attend because Opa was sick and Oma stayed with him. Aunt J had put together a beautiful little talk about them and how they wished they could have been there at our wedding. She was so well spoken and to this day I remember that very clearly from our wedding reception. She made something that could have been horribly sad, into something that will always be fondly remembered.

Whenever she sent us cards or little gifts, she always had something beautiful to say or added a Bible verse to the bottom that seemed to be exactly what you needed to hear. God definately used her to bring joy to those around her. I loved how she always signed her letters Aunt J with a smiley face in the loop!

The last 2 summers that we have been home, we have made a special trip with David's parents down to Fonthill to see Aunt J, and Mark, Nicole and Neil. I always look forward to those visits and am so happy that I was able to introduce her to both of our daughters. Although they might not remember her in the future, we have beautiful pictures and stories to show them and share with them how lucky they were to have her as a Great Aunt.

Although I know how painful it must have been for her to do, this past christmas she painted two little ornaments for our girls. She mailed them to us in time for Christmas and they had a special place on our tree and they will every year from now on. She was a talented painter and I am so happy that my girls have something that she created for them to cherish.

Although she was a "inlaw aunt" from that first meeting at Oma's house I called her Aunt Jacqueline. Even before David and I were married, or for that matter engaged. She was someone you wanted to be able to call Aunt and I am so lucky that I was able to do that.

Her being called home to Heaven leaves a big hole in the family, but we live with the hope that we will see her again some day and for that I am truly grateful.

Aunt J with my girls this past summer. She had given Madi a flower ( which Madi carried around for the rest of the day ). I love this picture!

Aunt J always had the most beautiful garden. She was really good at gardening. We took this picture this past August at her house.

Aunt J bought a bubbles kit for Madi to use this summer at her house. Madi absolutely loved it! I love the look of love that Aunt J is giving Madi right now. There was no doubt about how much Aunt J loved her family.

Madi and Aunt J had so much fun!! I love the looks on their faces at the big bubble they had blown!! The really neat thing was that Aunt J had bought 2 kits, one for Madi to use at her house and then one for Madi to take with her ( she was one smart lady!)

This is one of my favourite pictures of all time of my Madi. It was taken in another part of Aunt J's fabulous garden!

Please keep Aunt J's family in your prayers

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Anne for your thoughts of Aunt Jacqueline! You are so right -she was such a special lady and we will miss her dearly.