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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Family Update.... we need prayer

Here is the story.....
On thursday we received notice from our landlords that they were terminating our lease agreement because they need more space for their growing family. This came as quite a shock to us.... we feel like we've been hit by a transport truck.....
Right away we started calling places in the phone book and got the paper and called the one place that was listed there... but there is nothing to be found in this city. There is one company that owns about 90% of the buildings in town and they don't even have a one bedroom apartment available ( but there is no way we would fit in a one bedroom) Our landlords parents own a 4plex and they let us look at one and even offered to lower the rent by 100 dollars which was very generous but unfortunately we would still have to cover all utilities which means oil for the heat and that is so expensive here ( you can spend upwards of 300 dollars a month in the winter in just an apartment) so that place is out.
We are just at a loss as to what to do because these next few months are very busy for us and trying to fit in a move is going to be overwhelming.
We know that God has it figured out but we are waiting for him to reveal his plans to us.. please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and if anyone knows of anyone in yellowknife looking to rent an apartment.. please let us know!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Update on Madison

Yesterday Madi had her nine month checkup ( can you believe it.. nine months already) and I wanted to give you a little update on how she is doing!

Weight at birth - 9lbs
Weight at nine months- 23 lbs 1 oz

Height at birth -22 1/2 in.
Height at nine months- 30 in.

Food at birth - formula
Food at nine months - squash, peas, carrots, sweet potatoe,rice
cereal, oatmeal,small chunks of whole wheat bread, plums,
peaches, apple sauce, pears, yogurt, chicken.

The dr. said that Madison is doing so great.. right on track... we couldn't be happier!!!

Madison at birth.... dec 28/05

Madison at nine months ( well almost ) sept 21/06

Madi and Daddy

We were heading out the door the other day for a walk when Madi realized that just like her Daddy had a hood too... It was so cute to watch her look at him and try to pull of his hood and then realize she was wearing one too!!! Too cute!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Blogger not working!

Hi there!! I just wanted to let you all know that for some reason my blogger account isn't letting me upload any pictures.. i am going to keep trying but this way you'll know why I haven't updated our blog... don't worry... there will be more Madi pictures... hope you don't go through withdrawal!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Madi's yellow sweater

Madison got this yellow sweater when she was born from Mrs. Martin, a friend of the Mobach family. The neat thing is that Mrs. Martin made a sweater just like this but in blue for DAvid when he was born. I looked to see if I had a picture of it cause I thought it would be neat to show a picture of David in his sweater with a picture of Madi in her's. We even have the blue sweater but it is still a little big for Madi but when she fits into it I will take a picture and post that! On the yellow sweater Madi discovered the little pom poms on the cord and decided they were perfect chew toys.. so we are going to have to keep an eye on that.... who knows.. maybe in 25 years Mrs. Martin will be able to make a sweater for one of Madison's babies... !!!!

Madi and her blue hat

"no no... no pictures please... you take to many... a diva needs her space!!! "
"what the heck is on my head... hey.. get this off... i don't want this on"
"hey i can't see... what a sec.. i can see through the holes... mama and daddy look funny"
"ok ok.. i'll give you a good picture.. does this hat make my eyes look good??!!"

Last set of family pictures!

Madison has turned into such a "daddy's girl".. it is too cute.. She copies him all the time and is constantly looking around for him. He has a special whistle that he uses when he comes home from work and she just goes crazy until he comes down the stairs and she can see him!!!

I love this picture! Madison loves "flying" and will just kick and kick her feet when she is up in the air.. you have to make sure that you have her a bit away from you or you can get wacked in the face!

Family Pictures continued!

This was our first family picture that was taken and pretty much the last time we had a family picture done..... check out how much she has grown..... incredible!

Here are two of the best fam pictures we took. I know that Madi isn't looking at the camera in either of them but with no one behind the camera yelling at her to look we were at her mercy!!! I think that they stilled turned out great. I can't believe how much she has grown.

ps.. again you can click on the picture to see them bigger!

Family Pictures

I know that I emailed a lot of you earlier this week and told you all to check out our family pics on our blog but then never put them on! Well for some reason the blog wasn't letting me put my pictures on, so I had to make them smaller. But if you click on the pictures they should open up bigger!!! We decided to go out into the bush last weekend to take some family pictures cause we haven't done that since Madi was first born... crazy how time flies!!! The leaves have already changed color so we figured it would look nice in the background. For those of you who don't know.. the only color we get up here is yellow and dead looking!!
I love this picture!! Madi with her tongue out. I am sure David was probably sticking his tongue out at her too... she loves to copy him!
I was introducing Madi to a branch in this picture. She loved being outside and looking at the rocks and the trees and especially this stick. When I let her hold it she promptly stuck it into the mouth.. (of course.. what was I thinking... she sticks everything in her mouth!!)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Blowing Kisses!

Madison has started to blow kisses... it is the cutest thing ever! I will smack my lips and give her a kiss and she will suck her lips and cheeks so far in that you can't see any lip at all and then let go!! A kiss!!!!! She looks so proud of herself when she is done!!......too cute!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kisses for Mama

Madison has started to give "kisses"!!! She will rub her face into yours and slobber all over you! She probably just has an itchy nose but I like to think she is kissing me!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pony Tail!

I put a ponytail in Madi's hair for the first time yesterday. It is just long enough.. she wasn't the biggest fan of holding still while I put it in but I told her what my mom always used to tell us "it hurts to be beautiful!!" She looked so cute. I had her in her exersaucer and she started getting so excited that I had to take some pictures. Once again, she looks so mad but really she is laughing and doing her scrunchie nose face!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Just a cute picture!

I wanted to post this cause I think that it is the cutest picture!!! I guess that I am a bit biased though eh.. she is my daughter!!!
I just think she has such a cute mischievous look in her face... adorable!!!

Getting into trouble......!!!!

Madison was able to "crawl" ( ie.. push herself backwards) till she was right next to our video collection and then spin herself around and grab out a dvd to play with.. she had such a look of accomplishment on her face when she was done.... getting into trouble!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bath time at Grandma and Grandpa's

When we were home to Ontario this summer we were able to finally see the cottage finished and it is now the official home of Grandma and Grandpa. There is no bathtub at their house but there is a circular sink!! She loved being able to have baths in it. It was the perfect size for her. She could stretch her legs out and lounge!!! She made quite a watery mess everytime she had a bath!
Madison is also still in the "put anything and everything in my mouth" stage so of course when we used a washcloth it always was pulled out of mama and daddy's hands and stuck right into her mouth!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Madison has the hiccups

Here is an old video of Madison. She had the hiccups when Nana was changing her. It is too cute to watch!

side note: if you click on the YouTube icon in the bottom right corner of the screen it will take you to a site that will show you the video bigger so it is a bit clearer.. enjoy

Monday, September 04, 2006

Madi and Aunt Sarah

Here is a picture of Madison with her Aunt Sarah ( David's sister). It was taken this summer when we were at the cottage. Madison loves to read books and Aunt Sarah decided to read to her. It was really great to be able to see Sarah and her son Ryan ( our nephew and cousin!) They came over from Scotland to visit with us while we were in Ontario and also to visit other family. Sarah , Chris and Ryan are all living over in Scotland and we hadn't seen any of them in almost 3 years so it was good to be able to visit!

Uncle Andrew

I love this picture of Madi with her Uncle Andrew.... he is so mischievous and the look on Madi's face mirrors that!! When she is older ....he is going to get her into a lot of trouble I am sure!!!
This picture was taken at mom and dad's in May.... it was only the second time that Madi had seen her Uncle Andrew! She loved him.... he was a big hit!

45 weeks pregnant!

Ok ok... we all know that I wasn't pregnant for the actual 45 weeks that this cake implies.... so let me explain myself. I had a wonderful team of doctors when I was pregnant but one of them always seemed to measure me way bigger than the actual weeks that I was.... it got to be quite humorous. I would leave work for my dr's appointment and my workmates would have bets riding on how many weeks she was going to measure me at!!! I left work when I was 38 weeks pregnant but I was measuring ( by the dr.'s measurements) 45 weeks. So the girls at work got me a goodbye cake with that written in icing. It was quite funny but really sweet of them as well...
side note: As it turns out the doctor was way off on her measuring. She sent me for an extra ultrasound at 38 weeks just to make sure Madi really wasn't super huge cause she was measuring 45 weeks but the ultrasound showed that indeed she was only 38 weeks and right on track... had she not been born 2 weeks late she would have been a nice average 8 lbs... but 2 weeks late equals one extra pound equals a beautiful Madison!!!

Starting to look like my mama????

This is a picture of me ( Anne ) when I was about Madison's age ( 8 months ...i think.. my mom would know for sure) that I had used in my highschool graduation write up for the yearbook. I am sorry that it is so fuzzy looking but that's the best that I could get until I get home to Mom and Dad's to dig through their pictures of me. I think that Madi is starting to look a bit like me!! What do you think????..........

Not crawling.. but i still get around!

Madison may not be "crawling" yet but she certainly can still get around. She pushes herself backwards and then pushes around in circles or rolls where she feels she needs to go!!! The other day she pushed herself almost all the way under the couch!!! I just need to attach clothes to her legs and she can be my little duster!!!

Madi's quilt

I wanted to post a picture of this beautiful quilt that Madi got when she was born. It was made by a friend of mine from the dental clinic that I work at. She made it with the airplanes because of the fact that Madison's daddy works on airplanes! I love the colors in the quilt... it goes so well with Madi's room.

Madi Eating

This is a video of Madison when she was about a week and half old. She used to be such a loud eater when she had her bottle and my mom captured that on video. I know its sort of dark and small but you can hear it easily so.... enjoy!!!!

side note: If you click on the YouTube icon on the bottom right corner it will take you to the site that will let you see the video a bit bigger and clearer....enjoy!