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Monday, September 04, 2006

Madi and Aunt Sarah

Here is a picture of Madison with her Aunt Sarah ( David's sister). It was taken this summer when we were at the cottage. Madison loves to read books and Aunt Sarah decided to read to her. It was really great to be able to see Sarah and her son Ryan ( our nephew and cousin!) They came over from Scotland to visit with us while we were in Ontario and also to visit other family. Sarah , Chris and Ryan are all living over in Scotland and we hadn't seen any of them in almost 3 years so it was good to be able to visit!

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Jason & Erin said...

Wow look at how the Mobach family is growing. Those are 2 beautiful families (I am refering to Sarah and Chris and You and David)
Maybe soon Jason and I will join in the ranks of parenthood.
Love you