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Monday, December 22, 2008

Madi's 3rd Bday Party (with friends)

We celebrated Madi's 3rd birthday early since we are going to be gone at Nana and Papa's house and didn't want her to miss out on having a 'friends party'. We invited 3 of her little friends over for a "PLAY-DOH" themed party. It was a blast. We had a ton of Play-doh to play with and they had fun just being with each other. We had pizza and I made her a cake that looked like a tub of Playdoh! It was fun!

Checking out her cake with her friend Kylie

Big smiles!

She had the candle blown out before I even set the plate down and we were done singing. I had to relight the candle and do it over!

Opening presents..

She got a remote controlled pony scooter from us! It is a blast!! Even for me!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I wish that I could send all you blog readers a Christmas card but instead I figured I would blog a copy of the picture we used for our Christmas card. Aren't my girls so cute!! And next year we will have another little cutie to add to our Christmas card picture! That's right... we are having another baby!! Merry Christmas to you all! We are super excited and looking forward to adding to our family. Anne is due in the middle of July.... it will be fun to have a baby not during the winter months and when its light all the time, instead of dark all the time!!! It will certainly be different! We hope you all have a super holiday with your friends and family! We are headed to B.C to visit with the Eby side (Anne's) of the family on Dec. 26 and are really looking forward to that. Its been almost a year since the Aunties and Uncles have seen the girls! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!
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Madi's Santa Letter

We decided to send a letter to Santa this year and Madi wanted me to write out how to spell Santa, so I did and she copied it to her best ability. I think she did great. She told me what to write and I did. She was so cute about making sure that she mentioned a present for Lily. We got her reply in the mail last week and Santa made sure to thank her for including her sister Lily, that made her happy!


We went to David's work Kids Christmas Party on Sunday! It was a blast and Madi was looking forward to it all day! She was so great when she went up to get her christmas present from Santa but REALLY lost it when I suggested a "sit on Santa's lap" picture! Although some might think me horrible for making Madi stay for the picture, I am thinking that someday she might actually find it humorous too!
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Last of Grandma and Grandpa's Visit..

We had an awesome time when Grandma and Grandpa Mobach were here. I decided to make a few collages of the best pictures we got! We had a blast going to the pool ( till another kid got sick and they had to kick everyone out) and going to the museum ( Madi LOVED this!) and celebrating Christmas together. We always love when they come to visit and have a blast with them! Come back soon Pata and Grandpa!

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

A wintery hike

David and Dad went for a hike in the snow to a waterfall. They got some gorgeous pictures! Enjoy!

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa

Just like last year when Mom and Dad Mobach were here for Lily's birth we celebrated Christmas early! It was lots of fun, complete with a turkey with all the trimmings!! Yummy!

Lily playing with a toy that Madi got! Madi was too busy asking for the next present to see that Lily was playing with her gifts. It was slightly embarrassing how "gimme gimme" my first born daughter became but Mom said that is normal for her age!

David a little OVEREXCITED about the socks he got!

Madi "helping" Grandma open her presents! If it wasn't her turn to open, she made sure to help whoever's turn it was!

My precious Beanie!

Our tree. They had a sale on wrapping paper. It was like 600 ft for like $6.99. I think next year I will buy mulitple colors cause its kind of boring all one color!

Madi got this toy that connects all together with tons of pieces ( i am sure there is a proper name but i have no idea what it is!)

Lily with Grandma

Lily opening her present from Grandma and Grandpa! Madi got in trouble right after this picture was taken. Any guesses why!

Monday, December 01, 2008

A funny pic..

Still haven't found time to add the pics from G&G Mobach's visit but just had to post this hilarious pic of Lily! Such a clown!