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Monday, December 22, 2008

Madi's 3rd Bday Party (with friends)

We celebrated Madi's 3rd birthday early since we are going to be gone at Nana and Papa's house and didn't want her to miss out on having a 'friends party'. We invited 3 of her little friends over for a "PLAY-DOH" themed party. It was a blast. We had a ton of Play-doh to play with and they had fun just being with each other. We had pizza and I made her a cake that looked like a tub of Playdoh! It was fun!

Checking out her cake with her friend Kylie

Big smiles!

She had the candle blown out before I even set the plate down and we were done singing. I had to relight the candle and do it over!

Opening presents..

She got a remote controlled pony scooter from us! It is a blast!! Even for me!!


Anonymous said...

Good work on the cake!!!

You're such a good Mom! I'm trying to hold off on the birthday parties until older!!!! Do boys really notice as much as girls or care for that matter???? Interesting to know...


Anonymous said...

What an awesome cake!! You are good Anne!!! Hope you enjoy her birthday with your family. Wish we could be there. Love Mom and Dad