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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still here....

Don't worry faithful blog followers ( I am sure there at least 2 of you out there.... both my moms!) I am still here and alive. We had a wonderful CHRISTmas and visit with my family and are home safe and sound. I would have posted from my parents but its never the same when its not your computer and so I took a blogiday ( a blog holiday ). David heads back to work tomorrow, so after the kiddlets are in bed I will try my best to post about our holiday so you feel like you were a part of it!! Have a super day!


Koala Bear said...

I'm one of your faithful blog followers! :) Looking forward to some new pics and an update!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne & David, Madison & Lily,
So glad you made it home safely.
Love you,
Grandma and Grandpa E.

Nora said...

Dear Ann, David and kids,
I am looking forward to your additional comments and pictures.
It is delightfull to follow your
nice family on the blog!
Did Madison get her card in the mail? I hope so. Love from OMA.
Wonderful that you had a nice break,and are safely at home again!