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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Madi's second birthday

I know that I am so far behind on blogging but we are at my parents house and its been a bit crazy here. Mom was in the hospital for 4 days with a really bad back ( still a long recovery but at least she is home) my siblings were all home and our computer can't connect to my parents internet.... so all that makes for a long break between blogs.... I need to upload my pics from christmas but for now you will have to enjoy some pictures from Madi's second birthday. She is really into Thomas the train right now so I made her a fun cake and we watched a Thomas movie and she got a Thomas train track... she loves it... and so does her Daddy...not sure who loves it more!!

I promise to write more later!

Friday, December 07, 2007


This christmas season has been SO much fun... Madison is really excited about everything Christmas and I love that!! We took her to Canadian Tire just after the had set out a bunch of their christmas stuff and she saw one of those blowup plastic things that people put out on their front yards. This one was of a train and she loved it.. we stood infront of that train for almost 15 mins. Now everytime we even just drive by the entrance to CT she says.. "hi train, Mani see train please"... it is adorable.

Her newest passion is snowmen. The family across the hallway have a snowman that is on their doorknob. Everytime she sees it she runs up to it and says "hi snowman" and then "bye snowman.. see ya in the mornin"... it is adorable. She told me the other day that the snowman has "tarrot nose, hat on head, and buttons on the tummy..."... boy is she going to be excited when she makes a real one at Nana's and Papa's!!!

We have taken her out to look at lights too... another big hit with her! She eagerly exclaims at each overly decorated house... "oh wow.. lights pretty.... Mani see more lights now"...

It is so much fun to share this time of year with her and see it all through her eyes!


Ok... we have hit a milestone with Madison... it might not seem like such a big deal to everyone else.. but we were pretty impressed...

A couple of days ago I was making Davids lunch and had a little helper!!! Madison likes to "help" me in the kitchen and this day was no different!! I was grabbing an apple out of the fridge and Madi asked me for one. I told her that she would have to wait until Daddy left for work and then she could have one at lunch... of course being 2 years old the concept of waiting doesn't always work and she whined for an apple.. so I gave a whole one.. figuring that it would keep her occupied while I finshed making the lunch....

Lo and behold.. she but that apple to her mouth and took a huge bite! My baby girl can eat an apple not cut up!!! It might have taken her the better part of an hour to eat that apple but eat it she did.... just another milestone accomplished by my baby Madi!!



Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 weeks....ALREADY

Wow.. 3 weeks have just flown by... in some ways it feels like Lily just arrived and we are still getting in a routine and finding things out about each other but then on the other hand.. it feels like she has been here forever!

Lily is a very calm, laid back baby. We thought when we had Madison that she was calm and laid back... well.. Lily is even more so!!! We are still sort of figuring out the whole formula thing. We had switched her to the brand we used with Madison but that seemed to really upset her stomach ( for those of you who are probably wondering.. yes we are formula feeding.. i don't seem to get any milk when I am pregnant so we decided with this baby we would automatically start of formula) and we decided to switch her back to that formula she was on at the hospital and that seems to be working.

She takes a bit longer than Madi did to eat.. so we spend a lot of time talking to her "Lily.. wake up and eat your food.. come on Lily Bean ( for some reason that is the nickname that has stuck.. not sure where it came from or why....but.. thats it... Madi calls her Nino Bean ... adorable) but other than that she is doing good.

She gets up about 2 times during the night.. sometimes it feels like that is so much and she should be sleeping through.. but then I have to remember that she is only 3 weeks old!!

David is back to work now. He took off 4 days ( but because of his schedule was actually off for 12) so that was great... he has been a big help. I usually do the night feedings but then he gets up with Madi and Lily and watches them in the morning so that I can sleep for another hour or so.. It is a good routine that works for us!
Me and my girls... I love being able to say that... "my girls". I would have loved to have a boy... and some day we hope to have a son.. but I am loving be a mother to 2 beautiful girls. I am so close to my sisters ( they are my best friends.... Lilys middle names are actually their middle names... Christine (laura's middle name) Joy ( becky's middle name) ... and I am glad that we got to name our precious Lily after them) I am so happy that Madison will have a sister and can only hope and pray that someday my girls will be as close with each other as I am with my sisters!
Madison LOVES her little sister. She is so gentle with her. We tried as best as we could to prepare her for what was going to be coming home! Sarah ( david's sister) got us this really good book ( and if you are pregnant I fully suggest it) from over in Scotland. Its called "There's a house inside my mummy". And it talks about how there is a "house" inside the little boys mummy and how is excited to show it everything when it comes. It is really straight forward and easy to understand. Madison loved it.

I was not naive.... I figured that we would have to deal with some temper issues, seperation issue, and that Madi might hate Lily and try to hurt her but we have been so suprised at how great she is. The very first day in the hospital Madi marched in and said "Mani ( her name for herself) hold baby Lily ( comes out ily ) now".. and ever since then she has been great. Oh sure..we have had some fits .. but they are mostly because of her wanting to exercise her independence and ability to do things herself and not wanting us to help her. She is a very independent child and we are trying to encourage that...but lets face it.. there are some things a 2 year old just can't do and its trying to explain that to her that results in some tears! But on the whole... couldn't have asked for a better adjustment.

So thats it... a sort of 3 weeks in a nutshell... things are great. We are gearing up to head to BC ( YEAH!! ) in 2.5 weeks and will be there till the beginning of Feb. ( David is taking a course in Toronto and I am staying with my parents till he comes back and gets us and then we will start the drive back) So if in 2.5 weeks you could say a little prayer for good weather, clear roads and happy children... that would be great! We are so looking forward to seeing my family and introducing our newest angel to them and celebrating christmas with them!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Birth story.......

Everyone always wants to know the details of a birth so I thought I would write them out here and then you can decide if you want to read it or skip it... remember... birth can be gorey!!!

On monday (nov 5) I had a dr. appointment and it was decided then that on friday or sunday I would be induced. I had to go on wed. to have the baby monitered ( normal when you are overdue) and they would tell me then.

Tuesday morning I woke up about 5 am with some pain ( not really bad but annoying when laying down ) so I got up and watched every news channel in Canada.. followed the news across the country as each province woke up!!! We decided that we would bundle up and go for a walk and try to get something started... so we all headed outside. Madison walked the whole way herself (we did about a km) and I was having maybe 1 contraction every 1.5 hrs.. ( nothing to write home about) They completely went away in the afternoon and by supper I was thinking that me going into labor myself was looking less and less likely!!!

I went to bed at 9 that night and just before 11 I woke up with some cramping. I decided to get up and stand thinking that maybe gravity would help something happen. David wrote down the contractions from that point.. He looked at me and said.. "maybe we should write these down..." ( of course I didn't think anything would happen but thought "hey...why not!")





11:45( at this point David politely asked me when I thought it would be a good idea to head to the hospital!.... i said a few more minutes!)




I decided that since in one hour it had gone from 10 min -5 min it was probably a good time to head out!!

We arrived at the hospital at 12:30 and waited for a few mins for the nurse to come in and set me up on the moniter to see what was happening... the babys heartbeat was good but the contractions weren't really showing up as bad on their monitor. She kept me on the moniter for about 20 mins and then at about 12:55 she checked me and found out that I was only 2cm dilated.... ( I had been 2cm dilated on monday at my dr. appointment...so I was pretty disappointed!)..

She wanted to hook me back up the moniter for a few more mins to keep an eye of baby cause it seemed like it was sleeping and she wanted to see some activity. So back onto the bed I went for another 15 mins or so. The contractions were coming stronger and closer together now ( about 2 mins apart ) The nurse came back in a looked at the screen and mentioned that the contractions weren't even really being picked up by the machine so they couldn't be that strong ( what a kicker.. I thought then that for sure we would be sent home!)

She came back in a said that since I needed to be on antibiotics ( I had tested postive for Strep B) that they would admit me and start the antibiotics and hopefully things would start to get moving! At 1:20 we walked into the delivery room and I stood and rocked while she asked me questions and had me sign admittance papers. At around 1:35 I started throwing up ( weirdest feeling ever.... having contractions and throwing up at the same time... David said it was humorous to have to follow me around the room with a barf bucket...!!! ) The nurse said (very strongly) that it was time to sit down and have her put the IV in cause things were starting to move quickly.

I sat on the bed and she started to wipe my hand down and look for a good vein for the IV but then all of a sudden I had a big contraction and my water broke and I had to push ( the same thing happened with Madi!). This was around 1:43ish. The nurse that was attending to us had never delivered a baby herself (she had been present but had never been the head one delivering) So she got David to push the "alarm" button and the head nurse came running in while one of the other nurses started to call the dr.
( In Yellowknife, the Dr. that are on call at night can go home and are called back when needed. You can get anywhere in this town in like 1o mins)
They helped get my feet up and right away I started pushing. About 6 pushes later at 1:48 our little Lily was born! All 6lbs 12oz of her!! She is so much littler than Madison ( 9lbs!)

Everytime I think back over the night I remember new things... but the best feeling was having her come right up onto me after she was born. Madison needed to go on some oxygen when she was born so I missed out on that with her. It was so cool... she was and is so little... I remember asking what it was and David answered right away "Its a girl". He had seen that as she came out. The nurses had to check and make sure but he was right!

About 5 mins later in walked the Dr!! She said things looked good.. they had to give me some meds to stop the bleeding. I had hemorraged with Madison and again with Lily but they got everything under control.

The nurse that was in with us since the beginning was so excited that she had gotten to deliver her first baby! The head nurse was with her but she pretty much let our nurse take the reigns. It is so neat that our Lily bean was her first... she will always remember our birth!!

So thats it.. my birth story of my second baby girl.... in all its glory!!!

Thankyou Jesus for a healthy baby and safe and speedy delivery!


At 1:48am on Nov. 7, 2007 David and I welcomed Lily Christine Joy Mobach into the world!!! She weighed 6lbs 12oz and is 19in. long ( never would have guessed after Madi being 9lbs that I could even have one that small!)
All stretched out on the bed after being settled into our room... she hadn't had a bath yet so she is a little dirty!!
Meeting big sister Madison for the first time! Madi walked right into the room... wanted up on the bed and said "Mani ( her name for herself) hold Lily now... please"... so that was so nice.. she is infatuated with her!
After a nice bath..check out that hair!!
New family of four.. not quite sure why my face is so funny... but otherwise a good pic!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Madison has needed a haircut for awhile. I just couldn't bring myself to pay 20 dollars or more for someone to spend 2 mins cutting off less than an inch of her hair.... so one night after her bath I decided thats it.. I will do it myself! So we sat her down, gave her a comb to "comb" Daddy's hair (total distraction) and I went to town. To be honest.. I had to "fix" it a little bit the next morning when she woke up but all in all I am pretty proud of my little "pixie" girl!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

All ready for winter

If you see a little girl waddling around looking like a big marshmallow this winter... look closely... it could be our Madi.. except that instead of normal white..this marshmallow will be pink and brown!!!
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Changing baby diapers

Ok.. some people are going to have a hard time believing me when I say that this was in NO WAY staged... David had finished changing Madi one morning and called me into her room..
Madison had taken one of her babies and decided that it needed to be changed too.. she grabbed the wipes... dumped powder (we are smart enough to keep it closed!) and even tried to throw the wipes out in the Diaper Genie!!
What a smart cookie... she is going to be a big help when the new baby arrives!!
And trust us.. not in the least bit staged!

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Too cute

Isn't she adorable... she found David's work hat and claimed it as her own.. I think she pulls it off!
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Purple boots and pigtails!

Madison got new purple boots for winter! She loves them... we keep them by the door in her shoe basket but whenever she goes by them she always says "Mani ( her name for herself) purple boots on now?"... she loves them!
I also managed to get her to keep her pigtails in for the better part of an afternoon... I admit I did distract her quickly after I put them in so she would maybe forget that they were in.. and it worked!! Too cute
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Home alone with Daddy

I went to work one day and left David and Madi home alone and came home to my living room turned into a fort!! Madi loved it!! What a smart Daddy she has!

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Northern Lights

David came home from work the beginning of Sept and said the northern lights were right over top of our building, so we raced around turning off lights and trying to find our tripod and camera and captured a few good shots. They are a bit blurry cause its hard to focus on something you can't really see through the camera.. you have to set the shutter to stay open longer to allow more light in and thus get a better picture... but you get the idea.. they were beautiful for in the city!

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Fun at the park

The first trip back to the park after everyone had left wasn't near as much fun.. but it was still the park and Madi had a good time playing with Daddy.. while Mama took pictures!
Oh.. and yes..this is the beginning of Sept and Madi did need a hat.. she should have had gloves but I couldn't find them... what kind of mother am I .. I know!
Walking up the stairs all by herself. This park is the perfect size to learn how to climb stairs by herself. The railings are the perfect height and we were shocked at how quickly she picked it up!!! She is a quick learner!
We found a hand that actually fit our Madi's!!

Explaining something important to Daddy... i love this picture cause Madi squats like this all the time to read or play.. and I always wondered where she got it from.. now i know!!
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Bubbles and swings

Learning how to blow bubbles...um...not easy... consisted more of trying to eat the stick that the bubbles come from.. but loving it when someone else would blow the bubbles.
Madison used to love swinging on the swing and then for some reason she got scared of it... she didn't want to even go near the swings.. but she is slowly overcoming that fear. As long as you stay close and don't really push to much she will go on for about a minute now.. just long enough to get some really cute shots!
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More fun with the aunties.....

Auntie Bec and Auntie Lor reading to Madi... it would not surprise us in the least if Madi turned into a librarian, or author one day.. she absolutely loves books.. she will walk around and accidentely run into walls/chairs/tables because she is walking and reading to herself... we love that!
Madison's aunties taught her how to play "ring around the rosie" which works fine when there is enough people around to play it.. but when everyone leaves and its just mama... and mama is 7 months pregnant.. not so much fun!
This is how Madison insisted on walking when we were out and she had to be in her stroller.. she wanted to hold hands... and with both of the girls!!!
Learning all about life from her aunties!
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Visit continued.....

Here are some more collages from my familys visit.....
David took the girls on a tour of the hanger and airplanes at his work....they loved it.. my fav pic of this bunch if of Laura holding madi by the airplane and then Becky holding Madi by the airplane.. she had had enough.. she wanted in the airplane..forget just being held!
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