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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Madison has needed a haircut for awhile. I just couldn't bring myself to pay 20 dollars or more for someone to spend 2 mins cutting off less than an inch of her hair.... so one night after her bath I decided thats it.. I will do it myself! So we sat her down, gave her a comb to "comb" Daddy's hair (total distraction) and I went to town. To be honest.. I had to "fix" it a little bit the next morning when she woke up but all in all I am pretty proud of my little "pixie" girl!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

All ready for winter

If you see a little girl waddling around looking like a big marshmallow this winter... look closely... it could be our Madi.. except that instead of normal white..this marshmallow will be pink and brown!!!
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Changing baby diapers

Ok.. some people are going to have a hard time believing me when I say that this was in NO WAY staged... David had finished changing Madi one morning and called me into her room..
Madison had taken one of her babies and decided that it needed to be changed too.. she grabbed the wipes... dumped powder (we are smart enough to keep it closed!) and even tried to throw the wipes out in the Diaper Genie!!
What a smart cookie... she is going to be a big help when the new baby arrives!!
And trust us.. not in the least bit staged!

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Too cute

Isn't she adorable... she found David's work hat and claimed it as her own.. I think she pulls it off!
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Purple boots and pigtails!

Madison got new purple boots for winter! She loves them... we keep them by the door in her shoe basket but whenever she goes by them she always says "Mani ( her name for herself) purple boots on now?"... she loves them!
I also managed to get her to keep her pigtails in for the better part of an afternoon... I admit I did distract her quickly after I put them in so she would maybe forget that they were in.. and it worked!! Too cute
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Home alone with Daddy

I went to work one day and left David and Madi home alone and came home to my living room turned into a fort!! Madi loved it!! What a smart Daddy she has!

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Northern Lights

David came home from work the beginning of Sept and said the northern lights were right over top of our building, so we raced around turning off lights and trying to find our tripod and camera and captured a few good shots. They are a bit blurry cause its hard to focus on something you can't really see through the camera.. you have to set the shutter to stay open longer to allow more light in and thus get a better picture... but you get the idea.. they were beautiful for in the city!

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Fun at the park

The first trip back to the park after everyone had left wasn't near as much fun.. but it was still the park and Madi had a good time playing with Daddy.. while Mama took pictures!
Oh.. and yes..this is the beginning of Sept and Madi did need a hat.. she should have had gloves but I couldn't find them... what kind of mother am I .. I know!
Walking up the stairs all by herself. This park is the perfect size to learn how to climb stairs by herself. The railings are the perfect height and we were shocked at how quickly she picked it up!!! She is a quick learner!
We found a hand that actually fit our Madi's!!

Explaining something important to Daddy... i love this picture cause Madi squats like this all the time to read or play.. and I always wondered where she got it from.. now i know!!
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Bubbles and swings

Learning how to blow bubbles...um...not easy... consisted more of trying to eat the stick that the bubbles come from.. but loving it when someone else would blow the bubbles.
Madison used to love swinging on the swing and then for some reason she got scared of it... she didn't want to even go near the swings.. but she is slowly overcoming that fear. As long as you stay close and don't really push to much she will go on for about a minute now.. just long enough to get some really cute shots!
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More fun with the aunties.....

Auntie Bec and Auntie Lor reading to Madi... it would not surprise us in the least if Madi turned into a librarian, or author one day.. she absolutely loves books.. she will walk around and accidentely run into walls/chairs/tables because she is walking and reading to herself... we love that!
Madison's aunties taught her how to play "ring around the rosie" which works fine when there is enough people around to play it.. but when everyone leaves and its just mama... and mama is 7 months pregnant.. not so much fun!
This is how Madison insisted on walking when we were out and she had to be in her stroller.. she wanted to hold hands... and with both of the girls!!!
Learning all about life from her aunties!
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Visit continued.....

Here are some more collages from my familys visit.....
David took the girls on a tour of the hanger and airplanes at his work....they loved it.. my fav pic of this bunch if of Laura holding madi by the airplane and then Becky holding Madi by the airplane.. she had had enough.. she wanted in the airplane..forget just being held!
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Aunt Becky, Aunt Laura and Nana came to visit

I have been horrible at blogging lately... sorry... but I am going to pull the pregnancy card on that one!! I only have a couple more days left to use that so I am going to!!! But I have been busy and tired and my blog has suffered. This past August we had Aunt Laura, Aunt Becky and Nana drive up from BC to visit for a week. It was so great to see them all. Aunt Becky has been in S.Korea for the last year and hadn't seen Madison since she was 5 months old.. so she was quite surprised that now Madi was a little girl.. no longer a baby!! Madi had a great time being spoiled.. the best part was learning all about being girly. She still likes to stand in front of the mirror and "put on" makeup like Aunt "Wara" and Aunt "Bety"!!!! I decided to make collages of the tons of pictures that were taken the week they were here! If you click on them then they will get bigger and you can see more detail!
Madison loves the park. We went to the park everyday and Madi loved having 3 extra playmates to play with!
Aunt Becky and Aunt Laura had the coolest sunglasses!!!
Madi learned all sorts of new things.....bubbles, applying lipstick, chalk, new songs, lego, tea sets, pretty dressup shoes!

Lots of opportunities for pictures together!
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