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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Madi's new chair

I found this chair on sale at Walmart on boxing day

(side note about boxing day: It was DEAD quiet this year on boxing day... it is just me or did it used to be a big deal to get up early and go to the malls and check out the stores?? Or maybe its that in Yellowknife we have Walmart and Canadian Tire and noone really cares about either of those??.. oh well.. I was there... and got a great deal on the beanbag chair!) It was meant to serve as a time-out chair for Madison but right now.. she just likes to lie on it to drink her bottle or read her books.. oh well.. if there are no tantrums then we don't need a time-out chair!
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My centerpiece

I was so excited about my center piece for Christmas this year that I just had to blog about it! I found some roses on sale at the grocery store ( $1.86 for a dozen... crazy eh!) and then bought some cranberries. It took me about 5 tries to get the cranberries and roses in right ( those little suckers like to float! ) but I think that the end result is beautiful. I was so proud of it.. I hated to have to throw it out the other day when the roses started to die.... oh well... next year! Posted by Picasa


Madison loves to drink water.. whether it her sippy cup... or your cup .. she'll drink it all!! I love this picture.. arms and legs stretched out waiting for daddy to give her water from his cup!
It isn't the best way to drink from a cup.. your tongue hanging out.. makes for some wet pj's but also some great photos!
She learned that this cup was the perfect size for sticking her hand it.. which was fine .. until she learned that she could fling her hand around after she had gotten it wet.. that was the end of that!
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Madi on the phone!

I am not sure what it is about kids and things like remotes and telephones. But they are drawn to each other. There have been numerous times when the TV will be off and then all of a sudden it is on and getting really really loud.... and lo and behold.. Madi has discovered the remote... AGAIN!!! So this Christmas both Grandma and Auntie Lou bought our little monkey telephones!! She loves them! This one is from Grandma and is the old school fisher price phone. I am sure you all had one or your kids did or the church nursery did!!! The eyes move when you drag it along the floor and it rings when you spin the yellow knob.
As you can see by the face.. she loves it!
Here is Madi all ready for bed but not before she makes one last call... !!!!
I love that she holds it on her shoulder and puts her head down to it!! ... What a cutie! She has started talking to it to... and then holding it out to me! Posted by Picasa

More Christmas morning pics!

"Check it out Mama.... I think its for me" Papa bought this special present for Madi....
"Ummmm... Papa... what is this??....." Sometimes you catch the best expressions on your kids faces... and don't worry Dad.. she loves the stuffed animal.. she sleeps with it at night!!!
Madison got a bunch of books for Christmas which she loves. Normally I let her go at it when it comes to books but she got a couple of really nice books that I wanted to keep. She loves flipping through the pages of her cardboard books.. sometimes we catch her running her finger along the words and mumbling to herself!... a little reader!
Nana bought Madi a book of puzzles ( I will not be popping them out for quite some time though Mom!!) all about airplanes. Its really cute. I point to it and then the airplanes we can see out the window. It even has an airplane that looks like the ones that David works on so that is neat! Posted by Picasa

Madison opening presents!

Here are some random pictures of Madison's opening her Christmas presents. These are after her morning nap so she is a little more with it and actually tried to tear into some of the gifts. If they were packaged in bags it was such easier for her!!! I would start the present by tearing the corner and then she would rip and rip. I am sure that she thought the paper was the gift.. but then.... oh boy a real gift inside!!! Here she is opening the train set we got for her! She loves it.. it sings songs and moves along the floor... she loves it and we love that there is an OFF switch!!! ( notice the busy balls in the shot!... i told you she loved them ( see previous post!) ... went with her everywhere that day!)
There are animals that ride in the train and make noises too... its was too cute to pass up!
One hand on the new toy... one hand opening the present!! Maybe she thought if she opened the new one she would lose the old one??? !!!!
What could it be??? Something good from Korea!!! ( See previous post for pictures of Madi wearing the Korea present!) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Uncle Andrew's present

For Christmas Uncle Andrew gave Madi the coolest gift.. she loves it! They are called "Busy Balls" and they are 5 little balls that all do something different. One has beads in it, one rattles when you shake it etc. It was the first gift she opened and the only one she wanted to play with all morning. She was so excited when she opened it. They came wrapped in plastic and she couldn't get at them right away so she started shaking cause she just couldn't wait till Mama opened them! Posted by Picasa

Waking up Christmas morning

It was so much fun to celebrate Madi's first christmas. We were wondering what she would think of it all cause she didn't really seem to care about the tree or the presents under it leading up to Christmas day. We went into her room Christmas morning and she was all happy and talking to us so David went and got the camera to take pictures. As soon as she saw the camera she started squinting her eyes.. it was too cute!! Not really sure why!

Daddy and Madi christmas morning... too cute! Posted by Picasa

Opening Presents

David and I had such a blast opening presents. Because our little monkey sleeps so late we were able to get up and open our presents to each other and even have coffee and cinnamon buns before we heard a peep from Madison. We both got some really great gifts from each toerh and from family. We are truly blessed. Posted by Picasa

Christmas Eve

After a Christmas Eve service at church and a party at a friends house we arrived home around 10pm ( 2 hours after Madi's bedtime) and decided to try and see if she would let us take a picture of her standing by herself by the tree in her pretty Christmas dress..... it worked!!!
We are lucky these was an empty stocking... cause it promptly got thrown behind her after this picture was taken!
This it the gift that she choose to open Christmas Eve. It was from Nana and Papa. She loved it so much... it was hard to take it away from her when it was time for bed... a bit of a temper tantrum ensued! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Madi's korean shirt

Madi's Auntie Beck and Uncle Sam are in S. Korea teaching english. For christmas they sent her a cute little shirt ( a little bit big) and I took a bunch of pictures of her in it.

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Let them eat cake!!!

Here are some pictures of Madison with her first birthday cake!!!!! They speak for themselves!! She loved it.... she is on a bit of a sugar high right now!! But it was worth it!!

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Madi and her presents!

Here are some shots of her opening up her presents! I think that after Christmas she got the hang of it!!! She actually pulled the paper off instead of trying to put it back together! More fisher price animals!!
She was way to excited to wait for mama to open the package.. she was shaking she was so excited!
A new telephone from Auntie Lou.
Wow... a noah's ark!!!.. how fun! Posted by Picasa