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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Madi's new chair

I found this chair on sale at Walmart on boxing day

(side note about boxing day: It was DEAD quiet this year on boxing day... it is just me or did it used to be a big deal to get up early and go to the malls and check out the stores?? Or maybe its that in Yellowknife we have Walmart and Canadian Tire and noone really cares about either of those??.. oh well.. I was there... and got a great deal on the beanbag chair!) It was meant to serve as a time-out chair for Madison but right now.. she just likes to lie on it to drink her bottle or read her books.. oh well.. if there are no tantrums then we don't need a time-out chair!
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Koala Bear said...

What a cute chair . . . and what a cute girl sitting on it!

Sheila said...

I want a chair like that!!!!! She looks like such a big girl sitting in her chair with her book.