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Monday, January 01, 2007

Destructive Diva!

Madison got a bunch of stacking blocks for Christmas from Daddy. I am not sure who has more fun... us or her!! Last night we were sitting across from each other with Madi in the middle and she kept going back and forth between us knocking down the towers we would build. I'd build one, she'd knock it down... David would build one... over she would crawl and knock it down! No two blocks were left standing!

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Sarah, Chris n Ryan said...

Fun pics! Ryan also just loves to knock towers over. He'll be playing with something else, but when he hears you making a tower with his stacking cups he srops everything, rushes over and knocks it over! It's a great distraction tool.

Sheila said...

It amazes me how little ones just know how to knock down those big towers!! You will have to get very quick at making them because Madi will get very quick at knocking them down!! Have fun! Love, Auntie Sheila

Anonymous said...

Hi all three of you....what a wonderfull invention to be able to see Madison move and crawl and talk. Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderfull moments with us, she is such a joy to watch! Lots of hugs from OMA