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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cool new sign!

I found these letters at Walmart today and just had to have them for Madison's door!! I was going to spell out Madison but the "S,O,N" were all red and I thought that would look funny so we just went with "MADI". I love it!! They match the colors of her room!
This is how excited Madi is about her new sign on her door!! She tried to pull them off when I lifted her up to see them! Posted by Picasa


Sam and Becky said...

Hey Anne,
Cute sign...kinda reminds me of the puffy soft ones that Mom made for all of us when we were little. It's probably the colours that make me think of it! Madi sure looks excited about her name sign...so cute!
Love you guys,

Sheila said...

Hi Anne,
I want a cool sign like Madi!!!
I love the pics-especially of Madi in her crib! Love you all,
Felice Navida xoxoxoxo tee hee

Loo said...

love the sign on her door. so cool! she's such a lucky girl to have such a great mamma like you!!!!