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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Afternoon activity!

I decided to reorganize Madison's room the last few days. There were boxes that I hadn't gone through since from when we moved and clothes in her closet and dresser that she hasn't fit into for 5 or 6 months (this kid has a wardrobe to be jealous of... we are so lucky to know people with kids older than Madi for the hand me downs!) But I decided it was high time I went through it. I was planning on doing it when David was around so he could watch her but it ended up being fun with her too... I went through boxes and organized the clothes by size so that its all set for when we have the next baby.. just pull out the box with that size labelled on it and away we go.. But I also wanted to change her room around. Before Madi was born, my mom made her a quilt, bumper pads and curtains that all match out of material that I had picked out.. was it ever great.. it helps when you ask your mom for a big favor like that to have a grandchild as the bargaining chip.. "hey mom want to sew a whole pile of stuff for me??... i'll give you a grandchild...!!!!" I hadn't really figured out a good way to tie the bumper pads on without having them slide down, so today I spent some time trying to figure that out. Madi just enjoyed standing and bouncing up and down looking through the bars at me!
When you tell Madi to smile at you.. she will..but at the person who asked her to.. I am on the other side of the crib and asked her to smile... totally not in the direction of the camera!
She could see me on the other side of the crib and at this point I had been out of reach for 5 mins.. and that was cutting it close to too long.. she started trying to reach through the bars at me... too cute!
This was the last picture before the crying really started.. she usually does ok when she can't be right near me but I think she has started a "I need mama" phase.. if I am around she wants to be right with me.. not necessarily in my arms... just close! Posted by Picasa

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Koala Bear said...

That's so cute! That reminds me that I have to go through all of Rebecca's clothes that don't fit anymore and organize them too.