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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Madi and her babydoll

Mom had found one of our old cabbage patch dolls when she was unpacking at the new house and gave it to Madi to play with. She has never really had a doll before but took right to it....

Madi reading

As you are probably aware our little Madison LOVES to read.... I caught this on camera when we were at Mom and Dad's.. adorable!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Uncle Andrew

Uncle Andrew came up to visit for Easter weekend to Mom and Dad's and Madi loved hanging out with him. She has discovered "kissing" since we have been here and will pucker up whenever asked!!

Mom and Dad have a plexiglass barrier thing on their deck and Andrew kept sticking his face through and asking for a kiss....so Madi obliged!!!
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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Helping Mama bake!

Mom and I ( well okay...really just mom but I was keeping her company!!) were baking cinnamon buns yesterday and it appeared that Madison wanted to help. I asked her and she said "yes" which is the standard reply to every question that is asked of her, so out came and apron and a bowl and spoon, all for Miss Madi May!

She was so excited and had a blast playing around. It is neat to she how quickly she is growing up. She is so interested in what is going on around her and what you are doing..not just baby things!
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Heading off to school!

Aunt Laura came to visit last weekend and brought some new toys and books for Madi in this backpack. Like any normal toddler she took them all out and started to play with the bag!! We should her how to put it on and off she went.

I love this two pictures. I love that she is standing on her tiptoes trying to reach the door handle.... all too soon she will really be opening the door and going to school......
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These pictures pretty much speak for themselves!! We enjoyed spaghetti one night at mom and dad's and I think Madi enjoyed it the most!! Surprisingly she got most of it in her mouth using either her spoon...but mostly her hands!
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Our BC trip

As most of you know we are in BC visiting with my (Anne's) family and enjoying every minute of it. The mountains, weather and company are just great!! We have been going for walks almost everyday and I think it has only rained once since we have been here...and that was actually the day we came and were driving home from the airport. Madison is having a blast and we were both suprised at how quickly she warmed up to both Nana and Papa...she walked right in the door and gave them both hugs!! Really cute to see!
Nana and Papa have a wagon that we have been using. We thought for sure that the noise would be too much for Madi but she loves its as you can see!
This is a picture of Madison trying to do one of Dadd's crossword puzzles!! She has the look of " I know that I shouldn't be doing this but maybe if I look real cute they will see past it"!!!
Walking outside is a new thing for Madison. She just started to walk a few weeks before we got here but of course it is way to cold and snowy to go walking outside in Yellowknife...but not in BC!!! The first time she was a little unsure and went right down to crawling but she has gotten the hang of it and is running everywhere...good thing mom and dad live on a dead end street and are the only house on it right now!! Not many cars! We went for walk today where there was gravel and put Madi down to see what she would do...not a big fan.. I don't think she liked that it moved under her feet!!
Here we are on one of our walks. There is a damn in Revelstoke and in the winter a bunch of land way down from it dries up and is called "the flats" and you can walk on it. You can walk in the summer too but you need to be wary of rising water!!! I love that Dad and David are both looking up at the mountains and only Madi is looking at the camera!!!
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Madison's tiger hat

For her birthday ( I know its late but mail from Korea is horrible... so mom brought it back) Auntie Becky and Uncle Sam got Madi this cute little tiger hat. I guess all the "cool" kids in Korea wear them so Becky got one for her "cool" neice!! I think it is adorable and Madi will actually wear it! She even puts it on herself! And its big enough to last till next winter too!!
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