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Monday, April 21, 2008

My day.....

In the last 24 hrs I have.....

-made up 10 bottles
-changed appox. 12 diapers
-given 2 baths to the same child because of two of the above mentioned diaper changes
-washed out 2 sets of clothes (from the same child) also cause of the above mentioned diaper changes
-been to the grocery store 2 times
-gotten soaking wet from another bath, where my eldest decided it would be fun to try and get as much water out of the tub as there was in!
-talked to my mom 4 times
-washed 4 loads of laundry
-ran the dishwasher twice
-spend approx 1 hr putting my eldest back and forth into time out cause of her "independent" spirit
-slept 7hrs

And they say "stay at home" moms don't work!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Perspective

Today was a hard day.... let me just say this... it took us an hour to eat breakfast cause of about 5 trips to the time out corner. I was seriously tempted to have David call in sick and stay home and help me with my girls!!! But then I read this, a letter written by someone I don't even know to her daughter, who she only got to spend 2. 5 hours with before Jesus took her home. What an amazing women this mother is and as I watch my eldest daughter slowly learn to spread her wings and become independent I will think back on this little girl and thank Jesus for every precious minute I have with my girls... even if they are minutes where I am pulling out my hair and counting down the minutes till bedtime.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lily bean

our darling second born is 5 months!!!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Madi's "big girl" blanket

When we had Lily we decided that we were going to wait a bit to take Madi out of her crib and give her a "big girl" bed. We had the craddle that Opa (David's grandpa) built when David's dad was born so we did have a place to put Lily!! And we knew that Madi would be sleeping in a double bed at mom's and dad's in Revelstoke so we weren't worried about rushing it!
I decided that to "help" with the transition from crib to bed that I would make a big deal about making her a new room. I had seen a blog with directions for a rag quilt and figured that it would be a fun project for me to do for Madi. I really played up this new big girl blanket and even let her help me pick out the material. It took me awhile cause I wanted to make it big enough for a twin bed (she is on a double though.. we had the mattress so why buy another be eh!) but I think it turned out pretty good

Madi "trying" it out before I was done sewing it!

At home in her "big girl" room!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gas Prices

This sign is proudly displayed at a gas station in town... got quite a laugh from us!!!!


A couple weeks back David had to go to Eureka,NU for work. They were flying some equipment for a company that is doing some scientific researtch up there and had to travel with the plane. He was gone for about 6 days and ended up spending most of the time at the weather station cause the company wasn't actually set up for them to fly the equipment yet.
The weather people send off this weather balloons twice a day to collect data and David and the pilots got to watch and even let some of them go!
David by the "customs" office!! They had freezer doors on all the outside doors because they keep the heat in better!!!

The last 2 pictures are of some of the sites while they were flying home. David saw a lot of glaciers and really cool pressure cracks in the snow!

Our lily

My child the artist.....

I know that I am probably a bit biased but come on ....isn't Madison talented!!! She got the MagnaDoodle from Aunt Becky and Uncle Sam for her birthday and LOVES it!!! She will spend literally hours a day doodling on it. Her latest feat is taking a DVD cover ( usually Veggietales ) and holding it in one hand ( sorry Mama Eby...looks like she is right handed!) while "drawing" what she sees in the other. It might look like doodles to you but in the middle is a "Larry the cucumber" with eyes and everything and she also drew "Bob the tomato"....what a talent!

While David was in Eureka ( more to come on that!) I got a few things to help keep Madi entertained, since in the bitter cold its not the easiest to take 2 children out! I picked up some finger paints and a really big pad of paper!! She had so much fun
Very first finger painting attempt. She was a little unsure but then she got into making the hand prints!!

She loves coloring of any kind and the more colors on a page the better!!! She usually wants one of us to color the other page and she will stop and look over at our page and say things like
"oohhh...mama..that gorgeous"
"OOhhh... thats amazing"
" Good job daddy"
"That delicious" (not sure about this.. i think she likes the way it sounds!)
All in all she is a talented little artist!