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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Madison enjoys yogurt.. ok.. she loves yogurt.. and I bribe her with it. She normally is a great eater except for meat ( of any kind) she's not a big fan....I could see her becoming a vegetarian in the future. Well.. many a night I bribe her to eat her meat with the promise of a yogurt cup for dessert... terrible I now.. but it works! Well... tonite David and I were talking and not really paying attention to our little yougurt eater when all of a sudden David started laughing! Madison loves to pretend to put lotion on her arms and legs and gel in her hair... it must be a girly thing! She does it to herself, me, David, even her stuffed animals... she can spend hours a day doing it! Well.. she had decided since its normally pretend lotion and gel.. why not use the time that Mama and Daddy weren't paying attention to her to put yogurt in her hair and pretend that was gel. It was way better than pretending. Check out the expression on my little monkeys face.. pure excitement!!! Lucky for all those involved it was bath night!!!

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Friday, July 13, 2007


It rained the other day in Yellowknife.
SIDE NOTE: That may not mean much to anyone else but we don't get much rain up here so it was a big deal. For the last 2 weeks it seems the weather channel has called for rain and then the actual day that they call for you wake up and its sunny and the weather channel has moved the rain "prediction" to the next day. And this continues day in and day out. I am fairly convinced that they ( the weather people ) just pick a prediction out of a hat cause they assume no one really cares or believes what is going to happen this far north!!!
So since it was raining I grabbed Madi.. stuck her rain boots on that she has worn once or twice and in BC (which is the land of rain!) and threw on her rain coat and out we went. She loved it.. didn't matter that she couldn't climb up or down any stairs cause the coat is 2 sizes to big or that she couldn't bend her ankles cause of the boots. Actually by the time we were ready to go out it had already stopped raining hard and was just drizzling and the sun was already started to peak through. Every store we stopped at I asked her if she wanted to coat off and each time I got a pretty determined "NO Mama" so on it stayed!! When we got home finally I asked her if I could take it off and she said yes.. probably cause she was dripping sweat under it!! She started walking towards the house with the cutest little waddle brought on by the fact she can't bend her ankles to walk in her boots!! And marched right through a puddle only to turn around with the biggest eyes and smile and march right back into the middle of the puddle laughing!!! It was adorable. The even cuter thing was when we finally got upstairs ( have you ever tried to climb 3 flights of stairs without bending your ankles?? not easy.. especially when you are a 1 1/2 yr old who is independent and wants to climb yourself!) and she took her boots off.. the bottoms of her pants where wet and she kept touching them and going ... "no mama....no.." till I took them off!! I think that I have the only 1 1/2 yr old who doesn't like to be dirty!! Yeah!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wintertime in July!

I was cleaning up Madi's room (its incredible how quickly a 19month olds room can get messy!) and she of course was "helping" Mama and discovered this hat and sweater that friends of the family ( Grandma Mott) had knit for her. Even though it was like 20 degrees out she wanted to put it on and who am I to say no after receiving a very polite "Pease Mama"(the "l" is missing on purpose..can't quite pronounce it) I never actually got a picture of her looking at me cause she was twirling around ( her new favourite pasttime) but you get the picture!

Cute picture

Just a really really cute picture!
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Monday, July 02, 2007

Beach time

We decided to go to the beach this morning.. what a great idea. It was warm out but a cool breeze so it wasn't to hot for Madi. We stopped off at Walmart to pick up some sand toys and off we went. We have taken Madi to a park that has sand before and she wasn't the biggest fan. She would walk ok in it but hated getting it on her hands... so I wasn't sure how it was going to work when it was time to actually "play" in the sand.. but lo and behold.. she loved it.. she got right into it!

David even took her down to the water and we actually went in.. It is still sort of cold here but with the warm sun you warm up quickly! She fell a bunch of times on the way to the water but wanted to do it herself and sand is soft so she was fine! She loved the water until she sort of stumbled head first and got her head wet.. then she had had enough and back up to the sand she came!

She looked so cute in her new bathing suit that Aunt Laura sent up for her!! She was the cutest baby there!
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Goofy girl!

This morning when I was talking to Grandma (Mobach) Madison was eating her breakfast... we were sort of paying attention to her ( making sure she wasn't choking and stuff ) but we happened to look over and see her with her bowl in her mouth and the syrup from her pancakes just dripping everywhere! Then of course cause it was funny and we sort of chuckled it became a game.. it is so hard not to laugh when they do such cute things!

Here is a good pic of the "jaw thrust" smile!
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My birthday gift!!

Isn't this the most beautiful watch you have ever seen... David bought this for me for my birthday. To say the least.. I was suprised! I had found this watch about 1.5 years ago and loved it. It was sort of a "someday when we have money it would nice to own a watch like that" watch. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would get it so soon. But he found a really good deal on it and totally suprised me. I love it so much.. I kept asking him all day " do you need to know what time it is?" and he would be like " I have a watch... oh yeah... you have a new one.. yeah.. tell me the time" and then laugh at me! I have the best husband ever!
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Canada Day.... Happy Birthday to me!!!

We had a great Canada Day/Anne's Birthday yesterday. We went to a parade, out for lunch and then to a BBQ at night. It was a great day!
Here are some more pics of Madison at the parade. It is so cute to ask her to smile now.. she sticks her bottom jaw out and just grins!! Very adorable! Here we are waiting for the parade to start!
David asked Madi to smile but she clenched her lips together on purpose...thought it was a game.. but it still turned out to be the cutest picture!
Aunt Sarah sent this pretty dress over from Scotland for Madison. She just loved it. She would twirl around all day in it. Normally she wears her dress to church and then we change...but there was no way this dress was coming off till she was ready for bed that night. She wore it over to the BBQ we went to and everything... ( side note: She wanted to wear the orange flipflops... I know they don't really match!)

Here she is twirling around in the dress!
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Madison at the parade!

Well... we introduced our darling daughter to the wonderful world of parades and she LOVED it!!! There is so much to see and wave and clap at.... a kids dream!! She loved all the noises.. the transport truck honking, the horses, the dogs, the firetruck and ambulance sirens!! I loved how these noises don't faze her at all.. didn't even jump but turn on the vacuum cleaner and the tears come!!! Maybe its just the cleaning she doesn't like!!
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