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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Madison enjoys yogurt.. ok.. she loves yogurt.. and I bribe her with it. She normally is a great eater except for meat ( of any kind) she's not a big fan....I could see her becoming a vegetarian in the future. Well.. many a night I bribe her to eat her meat with the promise of a yogurt cup for dessert... terrible I now.. but it works! Well... tonite David and I were talking and not really paying attention to our little yougurt eater when all of a sudden David started laughing! Madison loves to pretend to put lotion on her arms and legs and gel in her hair... it must be a girly thing! She does it to herself, me, David, even her stuffed animals... she can spend hours a day doing it! Well.. she had decided since its normally pretend lotion and gel.. why not use the time that Mama and Daddy weren't paying attention to her to put yogurt in her hair and pretend that was gel. It was way better than pretending. Check out the expression on my little monkeys face.. pure excitement!!! Lucky for all those involved it was bath night!!!

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Sam and Becky said...

So cute...she's gonna have the softest skin and the most well-maintained hair when she's old enough to use the real products. For now, yogurt's a good substitute on bath night, right!!!!
Love ya

Loo said...

a girl after my own heart. although i have to confess that i'm into mousse again. you must teach her about that, k! haha.
mmm. yogurt. love it.