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Monday, July 02, 2007

Beach time

We decided to go to the beach this morning.. what a great idea. It was warm out but a cool breeze so it wasn't to hot for Madi. We stopped off at Walmart to pick up some sand toys and off we went. We have taken Madi to a park that has sand before and she wasn't the biggest fan. She would walk ok in it but hated getting it on her hands... so I wasn't sure how it was going to work when it was time to actually "play" in the sand.. but lo and behold.. she loved it.. she got right into it!

David even took her down to the water and we actually went in.. It is still sort of cold here but with the warm sun you warm up quickly! She fell a bunch of times on the way to the water but wanted to do it herself and sand is soft so she was fine! She loved the water until she sort of stumbled head first and got her head wet.. then she had had enough and back up to the sand she came!

She looked so cute in her new bathing suit that Aunt Laura sent up for her!! She was the cutest baby there!
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Anonymous said...

She is Soooooooooooooooooooo cute.
I love her little bikini~~~~
or tankini...
You are right, she was the cutest one there.....
Can't wait to see you guys..
love you

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to get on the comments and it usually does not work and now it did. I love all the pics you put on Anne and I love your watch! Madison is so cute in her new bathing suit! And what a princess in her polka dot dress! She is such a charmer! Can't wait to see her and Ryan together. Love Grandma

Loo said...

i am SO good at picking out bathing suites. it fits her so good, eh! she's so cute. did you use the little pull over thing after? does that fit too?
so cute. so cute!