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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good family pic!

I know Madi isn't looking at the camera but the smile is real!! And David and I look good too!! This will probably be the last family pic of just 3 people...not long till there will be 4!!!

Beach baby

We were able to go to Blind River,Ontario (David's hometown) for just over 3 weeks this summer..it was so great. We packed a whole lot into those 3 weeks but were also able to relax and enjoy being together as a family. Madison loved being down by the water.. she would wake up...look out the window and say "water?, water?" She had a blast playing on the chairs, splashing in the waves and playing on the beach!
Here is Madi in her cute swimsuit, hat and watershoes using the facecloth to "clean" her legs!
Already to hit the beach!
Mama and Madi down by the water! Check out that smile!
With Grandpa and cousin Ryan playing in the water!
Picking up rocks to throw

Ring around the rosie

I know this is sort of out of order..not blogging about our Ontario trip first but this is too cute to pass up!! My sisters and mom were up here this past week and Madison was spoiled rotten!!! She had a playmate all the time and people to just pay attention to her every move!! They taught her "Ring around the rosie" which she loves to play now and is a bit hard with only one person and that person being 8 months pregnant!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Neat picture

When we were in Ontario we had the chance to visit with David's Aunt Jacqueline. We have not seen her since our wedding so it was so great to be able to catch up and introduce our daughter. We had a great time walking around her garden and enjoyed a great BBQ together. We were in her bedroom looking at pictures and Madi discovered Aunt J's glass doored closet. She would open it a tiny bit and then shut it... look around and then open it a bit more... look around and then finally she would stand in the closet, say "clothes" and then step back out and shut the door. She was fascinated with the other "baby" that kept looking at her and David managed to catch this great picture during a brief period that she had the doors shut!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Grandma, Mama, Madi

We finally got a chance to introduce our daughter to her great grandparents (Eby) when we were in Ontario. We took this sort of generation picture (just missing my dad to make it 4 generations) and I love it!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Just a quick note... we are currently in Blind River, Ontario enjoying our summer vacation and don't really have time for blogging...that and my inlaws only have dial up so it would be an all day ordeal to upload any pictures!!! But when we get home expect lots of pictures and stories! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer... i know we are!!!