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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Long rough week.....and not out of the woods yet....

this has been a really long and tiring week for us. Here is a time line for you all!!

sat (mar 21)- Lily woke up with a cough/snotty nose
sun (mar 22)- Lily woke up coughing so much she threw up a little
mon(mar 23)- Madi woke up around 12:30 am not able to breathe. David rushed her to the ER, they were not able to find anything wrong with her and figured it was because of the cold air outside helping her to breathe better
tues (mar 24)- Madi developed a cough that was pretty bad and stuffy nose. Lily is still coughing and has a stuffy nose
wed(mar 25)- Madi gets a Dr. appt and they aren't able to hear air in one side of her lungs and send her to the hospital for a chest xray, blood work and a swab. The Dr. suspects either pneumonia, croup or whooping cough. The lab won't do the swab cause of a misprint by the Dr. so I took Madi to the ER cause I wanted it done. They isolated us, cause the thought it was whooping cough and did some more tests. They settled on croup and gave Madi a liquid steroid to help open her airways and help her breathe. When we arrived home, the Dr called to let us know that they had also found pneumonia in her lungs and wanted her on an antibiotic as well. David picked up the antiobiotic and we tried to give it to her that very night. She ended up throwing it right back up. It was a really large dose and the medicine looks/smells/tastes like Elmer's glue. We finally got it into her, but it was a really big struggle. Lily is starting to get over her cold at this point but Anne is coughing and sneezing and stuffed up.
thurs(mar 26)-fought with Madi over her medicine. She is running a fever of 101 and we can't seem to get it lower than that. The problem with fevers for Madi is that she hallucinates when she has a fever and it is very scary for her. She has such big coughing fits that she throws up a couple of times and has not appetite and no energy.
fri(mar 27)- called the Dr. to see Madi again and possibly switch her medicine because it is such a fight and she has thrown up from it 3 times now. The Dr. listens to her and says that she can hear improvement but wants her to take some codeine to help with the coughing and not change the antibiotic cause it is the best for dealing with pneumonia. Madi sleeps for about 4 hrs at a time at night but then wakes up coughing and needing some medicine to ease the coughing fits
sat( mar 28)- Lily seems to be almost over her cold. Anne is still coughing lots and not sleeping well. With her being pregnant she is not able to take anything and sleep is the best but with a little girl that needs her mama at night that isn't always possible.
sun (mar29)-David heads back to work. Its a long day but we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

As you think of us, continue to pray for us! It has been a long week and we aren't quite out of the woods yet.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Prayer Request

I have a blog that I faithfully read that I am sure I have blogged about before. There is a family with 4 children. When the mom was pregnant with the 4th they were told that he would not survive because of a serious heart issue. God healed that baby and today he is around 6 mths old. Last night he was admitted to the hospital for the same issues that had arisen when he was in the womb. I am asking all of my blog readers to please pray for this little boy Stellan and for his family. Let's cover them in prayer
Their blog is www.mycharmingkids.net and the mom has been updated as often as she can.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Video of lily with the phone

Everytime I watch this video I just crack up laughing.. what a big help Madison is!!
( if you turn down the sound on the music player farther down on the page you will hear the video better!)

An old one but a good one!

I found this picture today while looking through old photos. I am not sure if I posted it or not but I loved it and wanted to post it again! This is while we were waiting in the Toronto Airport for our flight to leave for Edmonton on our way home this summer... I had just cut her hair a couple of days before ( It is past her shoulders and she has bangs now!)... I think she still has a bit of her 'babyness' about her... she is for sure a little girl now!! So cute!

Friday, March 20, 2009

First day of Spring.....Yellowknife Style!

We had a fun "first day of spring" today!! It was a beautiful sunny day but still very cold (-19 celsius). Every year there is a guy down on Great Slave Lake who builds a big snow/ice castle and he is called the SnowKing and we decided that we were going to take Madi and Lily down to see it. It turned out he wanted 5 dollars per person to go inside so we just walked around outside instead and took some pictures! It was still fun.....

Madi infront of the Snow Castle

My Snow Princess

Family shot in front of the castle

Madi found a little slide that she enjoyed going down!

Since it was so sunny out I thought Lily should wear sunglasses but of course she kept taking them off.. but she kept them on long enough to let her Daddy take a picture!

Funny faces while she ate her lunch!

She was being so funny during lunch.. she kept making the funniest faces!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Lily's hair

I had to take a picture today so you could all see how curly Lily's hair is. Its this curly probably because she hasn't had to wear a hat in a couple of days ( we haven't been outside cause David's working and it is too bitterly cold out!). Pretty cute eh!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Madi's chicken......

I got a new sewing magazine over the weekend (with every intention to actually start sewing all the quilts I have fabric cut for!!) and inside was the cutest pattern for a baby chick ( or chicken has Madi called it!). I by know means think that I am some expert seamtress, but I am learning and I enjoy it! And here is the finished product. Madi choose all of the fabric for the wings and the buttons for the eyes! She loves it and has called it Daddy... 'cause daddy is my best friend'.!!!

Sweat little bean.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A big sisters help....

( This was taken right before bed time. Lily's shirt was a mess and Madi had started to get ready for bed but decided it was a better idea to help her sister walk! It was too cute.. they went back and forth for almost 15 mins. )

Fun in the snow..

Last week when the weather hit a balmy -16 celsius we decided that it was such a 'warm' day that we would bundle up the girls and take them for a walk to a nearby hill. The city has blocked off some of the streets and just piled a bunch of snow on the rocks there and created quite the hill. David had taken Madi there the other week but I hadn't had a chance to see her yet. Boy was it STEEP.... but she loved it.. I think she may be a lover of roller coasters when she is bigger.. she loved the rush!
Its hard to tell but I swear she is going like 50 miles an hour right for me!

Right into the 'soft snow' at the bottom. This is what our snow looks like for the majority of the winter. Hard packed and essentially ice!

If you click and make the picture bigger you can see by looking at her eyes how excited she is!!

Same with Lily. Click and make the picture bigger and you will see her eyes just beaming as she watched her sister hurtle down the hill!

OH MY.......


Friday, March 06, 2009


See.... my girls really do love each other!!!
Nothing like a hug and a kiss from your sister!

One step at a time....

I know its hard to "really" see that our Lily is walking but hopefully you can get a good idea from the above pictures! ( if anyone wants to send me a video camera to capture stuff like this life.... my birthday is July 1 !!!!) The last couple of days Lily has started to stand herself up and walk a couple of steps. She is a stubborn little monkey though, it has to be her idea or she will remain firmly planted on the carpet and won't move at all!!! She is slowly learning.. but learning.. so we are proud of her!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Our date weekend!!!

We were all set to head out to the coast on the tuesday after New Year's but of course the weather decided to NOT cooperate! Revelstoke and area was hit with massive amounts of snow that resulted in avalanches and mudslides ( closer down to the coast) which kept the high officially closed for 2 1/2 days.. It was CRAZY!
Friday morning dawned bright and beautiful (ok it was grey out but the highway was open so I was happy! ) and David and I took off to the coast! Mom and Dad were watching the girls for us ( did I mention that I have the WORLD'S BEST PARENTS EVER)...
Not far from Mom and Dad's we were stopped (where the avalanche had happened ) cause they were still clearing snow but the road was open enough to let one lane at a time through. I have NEVER seen an avalanche up close before and it was incredible. We were driving, so they aren't the best pictures but you can get a good idea. They had carved out where the highway was and on either side were massive snow banks. It was insane.
Closer down to the coast there had been a big mudslide that they just finished cleaning up probably the morning that we drove through. There was still a ton on mud and debris and I tried to get a picture as we drove by.
It was a GREAT time down on the coast, spending time with the siblings and shopping and being by ourselves!! We had a blast!

The flooding down on the coast ( Chilliwack ) was crazy... these are farmer's fields.. although it looks more like a lake...

Quick shot of the mudslide

The snow from the avalanche. Notice how high it goes over the car... it was crazy!

Where the avalanche came down the mountain.

More of the avalanche snow...

Lily and Uncle Andrew

You can't tell me this child does not take after the Eby (Anne's) side of the family....

Dedicated to Jack Bauer

For the last 2 Christmases our family has drawn names. We decided to stick with girls picking girls and boys picking boys. We figured it was easier that way... and lets be honest.. we wanted a girl to pick out our gift instead of a boy!! David got Dad's name this year and WAY back in Feb. we found this on a discount rack in Walmart. We bought it then and there and hid it away till Dec. It was one of the hardest things ever to not tell anyone about this!

*One thing about my family is that we don't have secrets from each other. We might say we do, but everyone knows everything.. so for me to go 10 mths and not tell anyone was a BIG deal!

My Dad is a HUGE Jack Bauer (24) fan! We figured this would be an awesome addition to his office!! It was a huge hit at Christmas and now has a place of honor in his office at the Church!!

A post about Revelstoke.......

I never fully finished blogging about our trip to Revelstoke, and since this is sort of a "journal" for me about our family, I thought I would go back and catch up.....
On Dec. 29 we rented a cabin up one of the mountains and spent the day there. We decided to celebrate Madi's birthday on that day since we had celebrated Christmas the day before on her actual birthday and that would have been just a tad bit confusing for a 3yr. old to figure out! She really had no idea that it was a day late! I don't have any pictures of the actual cottage but it was basically a big open room with a kitchen and a bathroom. We spend most of the time outside in the snow. There was a big hill right outside that we played on until some other people hopped the fence and took over our hill. David and Dad went for a walk and found an even better hill ( the old Ski Jumping site... crazy high hill!) and than we used that! It was a blast and something we should totally do again. They even had a smaller room off the bathroom that we set the playpen up in and Lily was able to have her naps!! So it all worked out great!

The sign we found AFTER spending over an hour sledding down the dangerous hill!

I totally staged this picture to make it LOOK like had I sledded too! There was no way at 3 mths pregnant I was going to be flying down a ski jump hill with nothing at the bottom to stop me!!!

This is what Becky and Laura looked like after flying down the hill. There was so much powder that half the time you couldn't see who was coming down the hill till they stopped!

Sam and Andrew after their "trip" down the hill!

My gorgeous sisters!!

David after one of his trips down the hill!

The view you see as you hurtle at break neck speed down the hill! See what I mean about nothing to stop you... well I guess there was that sign!!

Some perspective! Andrew at the top, Bec and Lor watching in the middle and David starting the trudge back up!

Andrew came hurtling down the hill giving Mom and Laura no time to get out of the way!! It was pretty funny except that I had to jump out of the way right after I took this picture!

Madi with her "Nina" and her aunties!

Madi and Auntie Becky and Auntie Laura

My little buried Madi!

Madi with her birthday cake. Mom made a rice krispy train cake. Madi LOVED it!

Madi watching her cake coming to the table!

Andrew flying off his sled!!

Madi's sweaty little head after playing outside all day!!!