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Thursday, March 05, 2009

A post about Revelstoke.......

I never fully finished blogging about our trip to Revelstoke, and since this is sort of a "journal" for me about our family, I thought I would go back and catch up.....
On Dec. 29 we rented a cabin up one of the mountains and spent the day there. We decided to celebrate Madi's birthday on that day since we had celebrated Christmas the day before on her actual birthday and that would have been just a tad bit confusing for a 3yr. old to figure out! She really had no idea that it was a day late! I don't have any pictures of the actual cottage but it was basically a big open room with a kitchen and a bathroom. We spend most of the time outside in the snow. There was a big hill right outside that we played on until some other people hopped the fence and took over our hill. David and Dad went for a walk and found an even better hill ( the old Ski Jumping site... crazy high hill!) and than we used that! It was a blast and something we should totally do again. They even had a smaller room off the bathroom that we set the playpen up in and Lily was able to have her naps!! So it all worked out great!

The sign we found AFTER spending over an hour sledding down the dangerous hill!

I totally staged this picture to make it LOOK like had I sledded too! There was no way at 3 mths pregnant I was going to be flying down a ski jump hill with nothing at the bottom to stop me!!!

This is what Becky and Laura looked like after flying down the hill. There was so much powder that half the time you couldn't see who was coming down the hill till they stopped!

Sam and Andrew after their "trip" down the hill!

My gorgeous sisters!!

David after one of his trips down the hill!

The view you see as you hurtle at break neck speed down the hill! See what I mean about nothing to stop you... well I guess there was that sign!!

Some perspective! Andrew at the top, Bec and Lor watching in the middle and David starting the trudge back up!

Andrew came hurtling down the hill giving Mom and Laura no time to get out of the way!! It was pretty funny except that I had to jump out of the way right after I took this picture!

Madi with her "Nina" and her aunties!

Madi and Auntie Becky and Auntie Laura

My little buried Madi!

Madi with her birthday cake. Mom made a rice krispy train cake. Madi LOVED it!

Madi watching her cake coming to the table!

Andrew flying off his sled!!

Madi's sweaty little head after playing outside all day!!!

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Anonymous said...

FABULOUS posts! I loved looking at all the pics and re-living Christmas break :0)
Love you guys...
And miss you!!!!