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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Our date weekend!!!

We were all set to head out to the coast on the tuesday after New Year's but of course the weather decided to NOT cooperate! Revelstoke and area was hit with massive amounts of snow that resulted in avalanches and mudslides ( closer down to the coast) which kept the high officially closed for 2 1/2 days.. It was CRAZY!
Friday morning dawned bright and beautiful (ok it was grey out but the highway was open so I was happy! ) and David and I took off to the coast! Mom and Dad were watching the girls for us ( did I mention that I have the WORLD'S BEST PARENTS EVER)...
Not far from Mom and Dad's we were stopped (where the avalanche had happened ) cause they were still clearing snow but the road was open enough to let one lane at a time through. I have NEVER seen an avalanche up close before and it was incredible. We were driving, so they aren't the best pictures but you can get a good idea. They had carved out where the highway was and on either side were massive snow banks. It was insane.
Closer down to the coast there had been a big mudslide that they just finished cleaning up probably the morning that we drove through. There was still a ton on mud and debris and I tried to get a picture as we drove by.
It was a GREAT time down on the coast, spending time with the siblings and shopping and being by ourselves!! We had a blast!

The flooding down on the coast ( Chilliwack ) was crazy... these are farmer's fields.. although it looks more like a lake...

Quick shot of the mudslide

The snow from the avalanche. Notice how high it goes over the car... it was crazy!

Where the avalanche came down the mountain.

More of the avalanche snow...

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