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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some pretty serious bedhead!

This morning after Madi's nap I captured a pretty good picture of some serious bedhead! One side plastered down, the other sticking straight up!! Must have been a good sleep! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cool new sign!

I found these letters at Walmart today and just had to have them for Madison's door!! I was going to spell out Madison but the "S,O,N" were all red and I thought that would look funny so we just went with "MADI". I love it!! They match the colors of her room!
This is how excited Madi is about her new sign on her door!! She tried to pull them off when I lifted her up to see them! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Old Birthday pic....but too funny to pass up!

I had completly forgotten about this birthday picture from Madisons birthday. Some of the guys from David's work were over so we had a small cupcake cake for Madison with a candle in the middle.. I was trying to keep her hands out of it.. cause they were for our guests and I think she thought they were all for her.. like the cake she had on her birthday! Click on the picture to make it bigger and check out the face.. wedding slideshow when she gets married for sure! Posted by Picasa


Sorry for the horrible picture quality. Its hard to take a pic in a dark room without waking your baby up! I wasn't sure if it was focused or not and as you can tell..nope it wasn't.. but you get the jist of it!!! I snuck in to check on Madison tonite and found her in the uncomfortable looking position.. she seemed content to sleep on her side with one arm slung out through the slats of the crib so who am I to judge!! Betcha that arm was all pins and needles when she moved it!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I can't believe how much I love this little monkey! Posted by Picasa

Sleeping beauty

Last night when I went to check on Madison before I went to bed I found her in the cutest position so I thought that I would take a picture! I know that I have seen a picture of David from when he was a baby in the same position and its just as cute...her little knees tucked under and bum in the air! Too cute! Lucky she didn't wake up when the flash went off! Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 22, 2007

Madi exploring!

Well.. these days I have discovered that Madison loves to get into everything. If you leave anything out that is new to her.. she finds it and wants to know what it is.. napkins on coffee table, new books, kleenex boxes and today she discovered her highchair!!!! She pulled herself up and was playing with the latch that keeps in her for a good 15 mins. Maybe she was trying to figure out how to get out next time I put her in there!
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

2 tiny steps... one big accomplishment

Well.. its official...we have a little walker on our hands.... yesterday night Madison took her first steps. David and I were sitting across from each other and letting her use our arms to walk between us.. which she is getting really good at. But at one point I balanced her and let her stand by herself and then she took two steps towards David and got so excited that we were excited and promptly fell to her bum and it was over... she had found another toy to play with and left David and I to celebrate our baby girls first steps by herself!!!!
sidenote: the pic is not of Madi.. of course we had no camera ready! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Afternoon activity!

I decided to reorganize Madison's room the last few days. There were boxes that I hadn't gone through since from when we moved and clothes in her closet and dresser that she hasn't fit into for 5 or 6 months (this kid has a wardrobe to be jealous of... we are so lucky to know people with kids older than Madi for the hand me downs!) But I decided it was high time I went through it. I was planning on doing it when David was around so he could watch her but it ended up being fun with her too... I went through boxes and organized the clothes by size so that its all set for when we have the next baby.. just pull out the box with that size labelled on it and away we go.. But I also wanted to change her room around. Before Madi was born, my mom made her a quilt, bumper pads and curtains that all match out of material that I had picked out.. was it ever great.. it helps when you ask your mom for a big favor like that to have a grandchild as the bargaining chip.. "hey mom want to sew a whole pile of stuff for me??... i'll give you a grandchild...!!!!" I hadn't really figured out a good way to tie the bumper pads on without having them slide down, so today I spent some time trying to figure that out. Madi just enjoyed standing and bouncing up and down looking through the bars at me!
When you tell Madi to smile at you.. she will..but at the person who asked her to.. I am on the other side of the crib and asked her to smile... totally not in the direction of the camera!
She could see me on the other side of the crib and at this point I had been out of reach for 5 mins.. and that was cutting it close to too long.. she started trying to reach through the bars at me... too cute!
This was the last picture before the crying really started.. she usually does ok when she can't be right near me but I think she has started a "I need mama" phase.. if I am around she wants to be right with me.. not necessarily in my arms... just close! Posted by Picasa

Madi and mama

Madi and I were playing on the bed the other day...we were supposed to be cleaning the room but that didn't quite work out!!! David came in and caught us hanging our heads upside down off the bed and ran to get the camera!! What a head rush! Posted by Picasa

Snow in the "Stoke"

I am sure all of you know that my parents live in Revelstoke, BC. This is their 2nd winter there. When they first moved to the "Stoke" they were told about the oodles and oodles of snow it got every winter.. but surprisingly they received very little last winter... well it's making up for it this winter... Mom sent me a picture of the snowbanks right across from their house the other day and I just had to post it here! I can't believe how high it is!!! I think that I might even take -40 weather over that amount of snow! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just lounging

I LOVE this picture. I took it the other morning while Madison was enjoying her breakfast. I was cleaning something in the living room and just happened to look up and see Madi sitting with her knees tucked up enjoying her ..... i am not sure what she was eating..toast probably!! But it was too cute.. we have to work on the table manners apparently! Posted by Picasa

Madi and her piano

Madison got this piano as "hand me down" from a family at my mom and dad's church. She loves it!!! The legs come off so when she was little I would just lay the keys by her head , cause they light up and you could set them to run through about 6 songs on repeat! She would just stare at the keys as they lite up.... then as she got older she would stand between our legs and smash the keys to hear the music.. well now she is big enough to hold herself up to play her beautiful music! We have to make sure its up against something or she tries to push it across the room while standing up.. which isn't a problem now ( she is so close to walking!!) but when these pictures where taken she wasn't quite there yet... a lot of face plants into the keys! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Coffee Table

Since we are finally settled.. the camera is working.. the computer is back on line.. i figured it was time to go back through the pics that were taken before that all happened and share them with you all. Since normally there are books and baskets under the coffee table Madison had never realized that there was space to crawl through it. She discovered this , when we were moving and the coffee table was at the new place and baskets and books were still in boxes at the old place!
She would crawl back and forth and around and never once bumped her head.
It was a great game until I put the books and baskets back.. boy did I get a dirty look that day! Posted by Picasa

"I've got my eye on you"

"Mama... I am watching you!" Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 07, 2007

2 of 3 out sick

Well.. Madison and I are both sick as dogs.... and of course its during David's week on! He was kind enough ( I have the best husband ever!) to come home from work early yesterday so that I could have a break and rest. Both Madi and I have colds...she is almost over hers... just a running nose and some coughing in the morning.. but generally a happy kid... I on the other hand feel horrible.. all achy and hot then cold and coughing.. and I can't tell you how many kleenex I have gone through!!! But that is why there are no new pics to send or no new stories to tell.... as soon as there is some semblance of health we will be back!!! Madi just went down so I am going to crawl into my bed with my heating pad on my neck and catch a few winks before I have to turn over and blow my nose again... so NOT fun!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Madi and her milk

Well... since Madison is now no longer a baby.. but a toddler ( yikes!) she is off the formula and onto regular milk. I still had a few cans to finish up, so tonite we went and bought our first jug of Homo Milk for her. Needless to say.. is it ever great spending 5.oo instead of 20 dollars!!! We will see how she likes it. She has a bit of a cold the last few days and can't really drink or eat cause she is stuffed up and can't breathe through her nose... so it might be a few days till we can test it out!!! Posted by Picasa

Just lounging!

I think this is such a cute picture! For those of you who know Madison.. she doesn't often lie down and stay still.. she is a little bundle of energy and constantly moving! But the other day she rolled onto her back and started playing with a box that I had forgotten to put away ( i think she thinks.. if mama forgets... its fair game to play with!) And she was putting her feet up and down on the door frame... it was adorable.. every so often she would look over at us and just smile and continue talking to the box!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another Madi Video

Here is another short video of Madi in her highchair.

Check out Madi crawling now!!!

This is a new video of Madison crawling. We had a few people over the day after her birthday ( a sort of christmas/birthday thing) so that is why there is so much talking!!
side note: if you click on the YOUTUBE icon on the video it will take you to a new page where you can see it bigger!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Some cute pictures

Madi got the cutest little outfit from our friends Craig and Michelle for her birthday. Last night I put the sweater on her cause it was sort of cold in the apartment and she actually let me put the hood up over her head without trying desperately to tug it off! Picture time!!! I just think she looked so proud of herself that she was able to get Daddy's Rubik's cube away from him!! Posted by Picasa

Destructive Diva!

Madison got a bunch of stacking blocks for Christmas from Daddy. I am not sure who has more fun... us or her!! Last night we were sitting across from each other with Madi in the middle and she kept going back and forth between us knocking down the towers we would build. I'd build one, she'd knock it down... David would build one... over she would crawl and knock it down! No two blocks were left standing!

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