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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Madi LOVES dressup!

Madison loves to dress up. It can be daddy's sweater, mommy's sweater or even her own clothes. Yesterday she decided that she wanted to put her skirt over her pants, put on her "way too tight" purple hippo slippers, pull the headband she found over her head and then on top of that put the tiger hat that Aunt Bec got her from Korea.. all in all I think that outfit worked!!! I can forsee many interesting trips to the supermarkets in getups like this as she gets older... oh well...doesn't hurt anyone!!
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Madi loves shoes!

Madison loves to dress up in shoes... any shoes.. they don't have to even be hers! She had a great time this summer at the cottage playing with all the water shoes that Grandma had. She would pull the tupperware container of shoes out onto the patio and line them all up and then try them all on!!! It provided hours of entertainment.

Madi also discovered Grandma's slippers! She had a great time inside with them!

And of course..what little girl can stay away from a purse eh!! She loves purses of any kind and Grandmas even went on her back! When Grandma went back to work she had to empty her purse out of animal crackers, lego pieces and whatever other little "presents" Madi had left for her!!!
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Saturday, September 15, 2007

What do you want for dinner??

I am sure all kids Madi's age are like this but right now she is going through a "yes" phase... well... she has been like this for awhile.. She knows the word "no" but she doesn't use it near as much as she does "yes". When Becky and Laura and Mom were here we were out in the car and headed home for dinner so Becky was asking Madi what she wanted for dinner... as you can see...everything warrants a "yes"!!!

Learning to slide

When Auntie Bec and Auntie Laura were here visiting Madison learned how to go down the slide at the park....not that she didn't know how to before but it usually consisted of one person holding her at the top of the slide and Madi not letting go off that person till the other one had her hands... she was a little nervous. But all of a sudden the girl liked living on the dangerous side!! We actually caught it all on video.. you can see in the video that the first few times she goes down she doesn't have the best balance and still sort of wants to hold on to a hand. But then all of a sudden something clicks and she keeps her balance all the way down!! Becky and Laura also taught her the word "scutch" ( not sure about spelling.. it means shuffle forward on your butt!) She uses this word all the time now. Any time she needs to shuffle forward on her butt the word "scutch" comes right out!! Too adorable!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Baby baptism

When we were down in Cambridge we were able to swing by Palmerston for the baptism of David's cousins baby girl. It was really great to see family and be there to help celebrate the special day with them. They had a BBQ after church at a big farm and we were able to go and enjoy that before hitting the road for the long trip back to Blind River. It was good to let Madi run around before the long ride!!! She looked so cute sitting here on the stairs!
Grandma, Madi and cousin Ryan hanging out on the stairs.
There was no way she was going in the sandbox in that pretty dress so after a quick change off she went!
Playing on the slide with Grandma
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Fun toys

When we drove down to Cambridge we were able to stay at a really close family friends house. The Frey's used to live in Blind River when David was a kid and their son Ian is his best friend. They were in each others weddings and now we were able to introduce our daughter to them!!! Mary (mom) had gotten out a bunch of old toys that her boys had played with for Madi to play with while we were there. She had the old Fisher price toys that we used to play with when we were kids....it was so cool!!!
Madison loved the Fisher price camera that Mary had left out for her to play with. Since everyone was always taking pictures of her she decided to turn the tables and took some pictures of other people!!!
Photographer in the making!!
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Sweet baby girl

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Visit with Aunt J (Part 2)

Madi had a great time visiting in Aunt J's room. She discovered that the closet doors were made of mirror and had a blast "visiting" with the other little girl looking back at her!
Aunt J had pulled out some toys from when her boys were young and had them out for Madison to play with. She loved this particular one. She actually did a pretty good job of getting them all in the right holes.. but shes a super smart kid!
Madison began the afternoon by slowly opening the closet door and then closing it.. then she'd open it a bit more...then close it.. then she worked up the courage to actually step into the closet and touch Aunt J's clothes!
David, Madi and I looking at pictures with Aunt J! We had a super visit and can't wait till next summer at Mark and Nicole's wedding!!
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Visit with Aunt J

When we were in Ontario we were able to drive to Fonthill ( near Niagra Falls) and visit with David's Aunt Jacqueline. We haven't seen her since our wedding so it was really great to catch up and introduce her to our daughter! She had a great time walking around Aunt J's beautiful garden and playing with Mark ( who by the way she kept calling Andrew... they are some similarities there!)
Aunt J and Dad (Bernard) sharing a good laugh!
Walking around the garden with Grandma..she loved this. The patio is all different levels so going around and up and down the stairs just fascinated Madi!
Just a really cute pic!

Playing with Mark. Madi would put a piece of a toy on his head and then one on hers and they would both shake it off at the same time. She got quite the kick out of that!
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New play place

Madison has become somewhat obsessed with playing behind our rocking chair in the living room. She will crawl behind there..sit down on her bum..and just talk to herself... like a little clubhouse! The other day she took her stuffed giraffe ( Ziggy) behind there with her and a bowl and spoon and started feeding him! It was really cute. I tried to get some good pictures but this is as good as I could get. She saw me with the camera and wanted to come out and pose!
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"Say Barb"

One day when Mom and the girls were here we decided to have Madi run through the names in the family that she knows and videotape it! She has yet to say "Sam" ( Becky's husband)...she usually just laughs or giggles and we aren't really sure why.... it would seem like the easiest name to get but for some reason its funny to her! The video gets a little shaky when Becky starts laughing really hard...but you can get the gist of it! Enjoy!