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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Learning to slide

When Auntie Bec and Auntie Laura were here visiting Madison learned how to go down the slide at the park....not that she didn't know how to before but it usually consisted of one person holding her at the top of the slide and Madi not letting go off that person till the other one had her hands... she was a little nervous. But all of a sudden the girl liked living on the dangerous side!! We actually caught it all on video.. you can see in the video that the first few times she goes down she doesn't have the best balance and still sort of wants to hold on to a hand. But then all of a sudden something clicks and she keeps her balance all the way down!! Becky and Laura also taught her the word "scutch" ( not sure about spelling.. it means shuffle forward on your butt!) She uses this word all the time now. Any time she needs to shuffle forward on her butt the word "scutch" comes right out!! Too adorable!

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Laura said...

i was so glad i was there for a monumental moment in her life!!! so fun!!! when you guys come down here i'll teach her how to ride a bike, k!