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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A story of a girl and her ice cream cone......

Yesterday after supper Madi asked for an ice cream cone for dessert. I obliged! Lily has tried ice cream from a bowl before and not really enjoyed it. Probably got a cold headache! But last night Madi didn't finish her ice cream cone and because it was bath night ( and only for this reason!!) I decided to let Lily have a go at the remains!! OH BOY!!! Do we have a fan of strawberry ice cream or what!!! It was so funny!! And Madi was just killing herself laughing at Lily... I mean with Lily!! I wish we had a video camera to capture that!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New baby wish list......

We realized today at supper how little time there really is till little baby boy Mobach arrives... 7 weeks(ish) to be exact..... I am feeling a whole lot less prepared this time around.

Although we didn't find out what Lily was, I really had a feeling she was a girl and therefore we really had nothing to get for her and Madi was already out of the crib so we were set to go!!

This time around I had to get some boy clothes and haven't really set that up and Lily is still in her crib and will probably be for another 6 months at least.. she is just not ready to be moved out yet! And since both girls have their own rooms and we have tried to put them in the same room together before which resulted in quite the gong show we decided to leave them as is for now and have the new baby in our room for the first bit and then see from there. We don't need 2 cribs and since our room isn't huge decided that we would get a playpen instead to house the little fellow!

We came across this one from Sears ( I am sure you can get it elsewhere but since we have the slight problem of shipping and such up here we are really limited!) that we both really like. I like that it has a bassinet part attached so that I won't have to bend all the way over to get him out for the multiple feedings and that there is a change table attached too. I was just wondering what others thought and if anyone has ever used or knows someone who has used it. Its a tad bit pricey at $199.00 but with all the features I think thats a fair price...

Let me know what you think....

# napper station is suitable for infants 0-3 months and unable to roll over
# changing station for use by children less than 25 lb.
# full-size, removable bassinette for use for children less than 15 lb.
# push button for easy folding
# 2 wheels
# stores in handy carry bag
# soft and fuzzy head support of fleece
# enhanced electronics unit provides 2-speed mattress vibration, 10 songs and nature sounds, night light with timer
# electronics unit uses 3 'AA' batteries, vibration unit uses one 'D' cell battery, batteries not included
# 28 1/2" w. x 40" l. x 33 1/4" h.
# children must be less than 35" tall

Another picnic in paradise....

We decided spur of the moment yesterday ( around 11 ish) to head out on a picnic back to where we had used the "stinky toilets" ( see older post about our last picnic excursion) and see if the snow had melted enough to use the picnic tables there. It is about 1hr outside of Yellowknife. Its the perfect spot. Far enough away that its not crowded ( 3 cars pulled in to use the bathrooms during the 2 hours we were there) but not to far that you go stir crazy in the car to get there! This time the snow had melted enough that we were able to sit at a picnic table and the ground wasn't too slushy!! The girls both had a great time throwing rocks at the "water" ( still ice!) and digging through the brush for sticks to throw on the fire. Lily was slightly unsure of everything but if you were holding her hand than she was fine. She is still getting used to the whole walking thing, and it was a big step for her!! Outside with shoes and uneven ground!

We saw a herd of buffalo and there were even babies.. I had never seen babies before! They looked just like cows, which shouldn't suprise me cause I think they are from the same family?!

Our family shot.
Not the best, it was shot on a timer out the back of our car, but it works!

Me and my bean!!

Child labor

.... this is how we get rid of the ice/snow on the lakes.. all the little "tundra kids" have to shovel it off!!

No just kidding!!

David had used the shovel to put some snow on to put out the fire and of course Madi needed to try it too.. she shovelled for about 20 mins and then passed out in the car... and if you know Madi.. that is surprising!!

I love this picture... jumping in water puddles in rain boots surrounded by snow!!
Quite the contrasts!

If you click to make this picture bigger, you will see how excited Lily is!!!
She was so cute!

Proof that I was there!

What kid doesn't love playing in yucky water with sticks!!

Daddy teaching Lily how to throw rocks.
David said she throws like a girl.. but hey.. she is a girl!!

Me and my Madison!

Madi throwing rocks at the "water"!!!

"Eating" ( ie. shoving) her food!!

Our picnic lunch...

Lily thought that the rocks were for eating!!!
We "gently" reminded her that we throw rocks.. not eat them!!

Playing in the sand

I think this is my favourite picture of the day.... just love it!

Ok.. maybe this is my favourite!!..
I love how David is holding Lily's hand, and Lily is holding Madi's hand!!
Too cute...

"Helping" to move some sticks!!
This was right before she accidentaly almost ran right into Lily's head with the stick..
That put an end to the "helping"!

David even found enough dry wood to build us a little fire..
Madi thought it was great.

Waiting for lunch!

Running through nature!!

My precious Lily Christine Joy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Aunt Jacqueline......

Yesterday afternoon a wonderful women of God was called home to Heaven. David's Aunt Jacqueline ( his dad's sister) was an amazing women, who made everyone around her feel so loved and special. She will be greatly missed, but she is in a much better place, as a completely healed women and one day we WILL see her again.

I ( Anne ) remember the first time I ever met Aunt J (9 years ago). David and I had been dating for about 6 months and I had gone to his house for Spring Break (we were both at Heritage Baptist College at that point) and we were going to Barrie to celebrate Oma's birthday. Aunt J was there at the house and I remember going in through the back door and almost immediately being grabbed into a big bear hug by the sweetest women. I was immediately drawn to her. She had a way of making you feel like you were the only person in the room and she truly cared about what you were saying and doing.

We spend Easter of the following year at her house in Fonthill. She was a wonderful hostess and set up a "little room" in her living room for me to stay in while we were there. I remember vividly, watching the Ottawa Senators ( my team ) lose horribly to the Toronto Maple Leafs ( everyone else's team) and how she made sure to let me know how sorry she was that they had lost!!

When David and I were married Oma and Opa were not able to attend because Opa was sick and Oma stayed with him. Aunt J had put together a beautiful little talk about them and how they wished they could have been there at our wedding. She was so well spoken and to this day I remember that very clearly from our wedding reception. She made something that could have been horribly sad, into something that will always be fondly remembered.

Whenever she sent us cards or little gifts, she always had something beautiful to say or added a Bible verse to the bottom that seemed to be exactly what you needed to hear. God definately used her to bring joy to those around her. I loved how she always signed her letters Aunt J with a smiley face in the loop!

The last 2 summers that we have been home, we have made a special trip with David's parents down to Fonthill to see Aunt J, and Mark, Nicole and Neil. I always look forward to those visits and am so happy that I was able to introduce her to both of our daughters. Although they might not remember her in the future, we have beautiful pictures and stories to show them and share with them how lucky they were to have her as a Great Aunt.

Although I know how painful it must have been for her to do, this past christmas she painted two little ornaments for our girls. She mailed them to us in time for Christmas and they had a special place on our tree and they will every year from now on. She was a talented painter and I am so happy that my girls have something that she created for them to cherish.

Although she was a "inlaw aunt" from that first meeting at Oma's house I called her Aunt Jacqueline. Even before David and I were married, or for that matter engaged. She was someone you wanted to be able to call Aunt and I am so lucky that I was able to do that.

Her being called home to Heaven leaves a big hole in the family, but we live with the hope that we will see her again some day and for that I am truly grateful.

Aunt J with my girls this past summer. She had given Madi a flower ( which Madi carried around for the rest of the day ). I love this picture!

Aunt J always had the most beautiful garden. She was really good at gardening. We took this picture this past August at her house.

Aunt J bought a bubbles kit for Madi to use this summer at her house. Madi absolutely loved it! I love the look of love that Aunt J is giving Madi right now. There was no doubt about how much Aunt J loved her family.

Madi and Aunt J had so much fun!! I love the looks on their faces at the big bubble they had blown!! The really neat thing was that Aunt J had bought 2 kits, one for Madi to use at her house and then one for Madi to take with her ( she was one smart lady!)

This is one of my favourite pictures of all time of my Madi. It was taken in another part of Aunt J's fabulous garden!

Please keep Aunt J's family in your prayers

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

31 Years Ago today..

31 years ago, on a rainy day in May, two young lovebirds walked down the aisle at a church in Cambridge, Ontario and the rest is history!!!
My parents have been married for 31 years today. I couldn't be happier for them! They are an example to all us children of what a marriage should be, and we are all lucky to have their example to follow.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A conversation I just had...

Ok... this just happened and I am still laughing!!!

I had just gotten out of the shower and Madi had snuck in to go to the bathroom before she headed to bed. She looked at me all seriously and said:

Madi: Mama.. why is the shower curtain all wet?

I proceeded to explain to her ( i guess with lots of detail) how the shower curtain keeps the water in the tub and how if we didn't use it then the floor would get all wet and we would have to spend a lot of time cleaning up water. She looked at me all seriously and said......

Madi: Well.. thats three minutes of my life I'll never get back!

I almost died laughing at her. I am sure its from a VeggieTales but that she knew what context to use it in made it even that much more funny!! The girl could be a comedian!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just a cute pic

Madi and Lily both love their bath.... Madi is getting to the age where having to share the bath is getting to be more annoying then fun but for the most part they are good! Madi loves it when David is home to help me give them baths cause then she gets to have one by herself with "lots of water". The other night David was playing with Lily and Madi wanted me to watch her in the tub, and she said she wanted to learn how to put her head under water. After a couple of tries she got it down pretty good! I was very proud of her!

Lily is not as big of a fan of water on her face... but she enjoys playing with the toys! We took this picture during a bath with a ton of bubbles and you can tell by her face she wasn't having any of it.. I think she was more annoyed with not being able to see her toys, then with the bubbles on her head!! But it made for a cute picture!

Fun idea for picky eaters........

Ok.. Madi isn't a horribly picky eater but she has her moments. She is definitely NOT into meat.. never has been but LOVES her veggies... (Lily is the complete opposite.. I am just waiting for the day that they figure this out and one says " you eat my meat, and I'll eat your veggies"!!!!) and for the most part if you tell her she can't have dessert till she eats her food, 95% of the time she will eat her food...

But I was struggling with lunch time. I don't really like to offer dessert at lunch, and usually our supper desserts are just fruit or yogurt. I try to make lunch interesting but come on lets face it..... lunches are not meant to suppers.. or else they would be called supper!!! She isn't really into sandwiches or really even deconstructed sandwiches ( all the pieces of the sandwich out on a plate)...

I stumbled across this idea and for the last week... EVERY bit of lunch has been eaten! I think cause she thinks she gets the choice but really everything is healthy (ok maybe not the chips or cookie ( although she didn't eat the cookie) but you know!) and good for her!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


(my mom and me around age 3)

Being a good mother isn't always easy
Being a good friend isn't always easy either
But somehow you've always managed to be both of those to me
..... at exactly the right time
Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mother
Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful friend

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sunny day in May....

Today was a beautiful sunny (although cold) day here in Yellowknife. The sun was shining through the open windows and there were tempter tantrums galore at our home!! I decided that it was the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot!!! I got some good picture of the girls being cute but also some proof that my little sweet Lily does have some pretty huge temper tantrums!!! No one believes me when I tell them but its true.. I am talking fall on the floor, stamp my arms and feet and crying!! Totally different than her big sister!