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Sunday, May 24, 2009

New baby wish list......

We realized today at supper how little time there really is till little baby boy Mobach arrives... 7 weeks(ish) to be exact..... I am feeling a whole lot less prepared this time around.

Although we didn't find out what Lily was, I really had a feeling she was a girl and therefore we really had nothing to get for her and Madi was already out of the crib so we were set to go!!

This time around I had to get some boy clothes and haven't really set that up and Lily is still in her crib and will probably be for another 6 months at least.. she is just not ready to be moved out yet! And since both girls have their own rooms and we have tried to put them in the same room together before which resulted in quite the gong show we decided to leave them as is for now and have the new baby in our room for the first bit and then see from there. We don't need 2 cribs and since our room isn't huge decided that we would get a playpen instead to house the little fellow!

We came across this one from Sears ( I am sure you can get it elsewhere but since we have the slight problem of shipping and such up here we are really limited!) that we both really like. I like that it has a bassinet part attached so that I won't have to bend all the way over to get him out for the multiple feedings and that there is a change table attached too. I was just wondering what others thought and if anyone has ever used or knows someone who has used it. Its a tad bit pricey at $199.00 but with all the features I think thats a fair price...

Let me know what you think....

# napper station is suitable for infants 0-3 months and unable to roll over
# changing station for use by children less than 25 lb.
# full-size, removable bassinette for use for children less than 15 lb.
# push button for easy folding
# 2 wheels
# stores in handy carry bag
# soft and fuzzy head support of fleece
# enhanced electronics unit provides 2-speed mattress vibration, 10 songs and nature sounds, night light with timer
# electronics unit uses 3 'AA' batteries, vibration unit uses one 'D' cell battery, batteries not included
# 28 1/2" w. x 40" l. x 33 1/4" h.
# children must be less than 35" tall


polarpegs said...

Hey Anne
We bought one very similar to this when our second baby was born and used it for our third as well. We were in the same position as you with wanting the baby with us for lack of space in the other rooms. I LOVED IT. I mostly changed baby in the bassinet area and stacked diapers and wipes on the changing area.. therefore I never worried about the baby rolling off and the changing items were always close at hand. Once he outgrew the bassinet he slept in the playpen and we uses it alot. The bassinet was great for the summer camping in the tent as well because we just used it to put the baby to sleep in right beside us on the floor of the tent. Hope that helps

Monika said...

We have one similar to this as well and loved it!! I'd say it's worth getting, especially since you say that Lily will be in the crib yet for another 6 months so this should work just fine until then...as a matter of fact we used one of these for Becky till she was about 5 months old when we finally bought her a crib. So go for it! :)

. said...
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Laura said...

i don't have kids...but from a "fashion" perspective, it's SUPER cute!!!! i say go for it! haha! love you!

wenderella said...

Hey Anne
I'm Wendy, a friend of Sarah's. We've met a couple times; I was a bridesmaid in Sarah & Chris's wedding...

I read your blog and love it :) I have a son, Caleb, who's a little younger than Lily and a little older than Kieran. I used something similar to this playpen/bassinet (a Graco Pack n' Play) for Caleb for the first 6 months and loved it. The only problem was that, once set up, it didn't fit through the doorways in our house so I had to collapse it every time I wanted to move it. A minor annoyance, really.

I also wanted to offer some baby boy clothes if you need them. I have lots from when Caleb was born and wouldn't mind sending some stuff your way if you need it. You can email me if you want...wendy.buhlman@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ann and David,maddi and Lily

This is the first time i am able to
answer without interuption.
I admire you Ann, to keep up that blog so faithfully.
All pictures are cute, the icecream
adventure , the picnic in the cold
weather ,David's birthday and your
Keep me posted about Lily's care
and developement. she is a little
cutie, for sure. Nice that maddi
mothers her a bit. A real older sister!
I am doing allright, seem to keep
busy with visits,phonecalls and
other things. Tomorrow Bernard and
Liz are coming over, and they take
me to fonthill until Sunday.
Love you all a lot, hug from OMA