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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lily "talking"

Here is a video of Lily "talking"!!! You can hear Madi in the background telling my mom not to talk to Lily.. (she's a bit overprotective as an older sister sometimes!)


MADI CAN SAY HER ABC'S.... totally blows our minds that at 2 she can say this so well!! She loves anything associated with music and has learned a new song with the ABC's here at Mom and Dad's... I think that's why she knows it so well!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More christmas pics!!

Here are some more pictures from christmas... shots of Madi decorating the tree...playing with her aunties...and other christmasy things!!

Recap of Christmas......

I know that it is halfway through January and I have yet to post any christmas pictures..... christmas was a little interesting at our house.... to say the least!!
All of us kids (me,david,becky,sam,laura and andrew) were all home for the first time in a long time for Christmas... we were soooo excited....
Unfotunately Christmas eve our mom ended up having to be taken to the hospital for a really bad back. She spent a couple of days in the hospital, so we didn't end up celebrating christmas till the 27th.
Sidenote: She is doing much better but still has some recovery time till she is back normal.. keep her in your prayers!
Madison LOVED having everyone around and had a great time opening gifts!!!

Counting to 10

Madi has been able to count to 10 for a couple of months now but since we don't have a video option on our camera we haven't been able to capture for your viewing pleasure!! Now that we are at Mom and Dad's and they have the video option I decided to get Madison to perform her feat!!! She started off by only counting to 5 and wanting to see what I had taken ( she loves to see herself in pictures and videos!) and then when I started the next video she started at 6... what a smart cookie!!!