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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Scrunchie nose

I feel that I need to explain this picture so you all don't think that Madison is a angry baby!!!!
For some reason she makes this face when she is laughing and happy. I don't know who taught her it or how she learned how to do it. She will scrunch up her nose and then breathe in and out real fast!!!
It is the cutest thing but when we are out in public and she does it I find myself explaining to complete strangers that she is infact happy and that is the face she makes when she feels that way!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Madi and Ziggy!

Auntie Loo bought this big stuffed giraffe for Madi when she was first born. Somehow Nana and Popa were able to bring it on the airplane when they came up to visit Madi when she was first born. Of course we took pictures of her with Ziggy. They are some of my favourite pictures cause she is cross eyed in lots of them!!! Here is the first picture of Madison with Ziggy!
Here is a picture that I took of Madi today with Ziggy.. I had him leaned up against the playpen and she started pulling his head down, cause she can't see his face unless she does that. And she would lean in and try to eat his nose! It was funny.. she thought it was great!

"My Auntie Loo"

My sister Laura sent me this picture today and I just had to add it to the blog. I guess she had taken it when I visited Mom and Dad in Revelstoke in May but I had never seen it. She photoshop'd it and made it look like this. I think it is beautiful and can't wait to get one printed off and framed and put into Madi's room so she can look at her Auntie Loo.
Madison's Auntie Loo is a very special person and Madi loves playing with her. She first started making noises in March when she was playing with Laura...they were "yelling" back and forth at each other....it was really cute!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Play time!

Nana Eby gave Madi this cute little toy. Its supposed to help her when she starts to learn how to walk.. cause she can hold on to it and push it ahead of her and it will help her keep her balance but since she is no where near ready to walk she just likes sitting and playing with it. She has started to figure out so much stuff out about her toys. She knows which ones spin and how to spin them and she can even push the buttons on some of her music toys... she loves that!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I love cookies!

So I found these cookies at the grocery store that are rice cereal but in hard form that babies can suck on and they get soft and I decided to get a box and see if Madi liked them. As you can tell by her face.. she loves them.. She doesn't quite get the point of eating them... she likes to hold them in her hands and gets really really mad when I take it away (they are too big for one sitting) but she'll learn!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yummy Dutch breakfast

Ok ok.. i know that this isn't a picture of me, David or even Madison but I was just introduced to this delectable treat this week by David and had to share. Most of you are aware of the Mobach's Mocha cake and have probably seen this sprinkle's make an appearance there but did you know they have even more uses??!!! Apparently in Holland you eat them on your toast in the morning for breakfast....hello..where has this been all my life ( not the best thing for getting rid of post-pregnancy pounds... but soooooo gooooood) My mom sent us a package last week and including some of these in it for David ( there is a dutch bakery in Revelstoke that carries them ) and David ate them for breakfast and let me try some....big mistake!! Now he has to share his sprinkles with me!!! What a yummy treat... but don't think you can throw any old chocolate sprinkles on white toast and it will be the same... no these are actually from Holland and are real chocolate!!! Sooooo yummy.... I am so glad that I married a dutch man!!!

Madison's teeth

Here is the first good picture of Madi's teeth (the two bottom middle ones) that I have been able to take. (If you click on the picture it will make it bigger and you'll be able to see). I also think she looks a little like Elvis doing his lip move! ( the facial expression she is making).. what do you think Great Grandpa Eby??

Ooops a daisy....

Madison is a pro at rolling over but lately she has been trying to push herself into a sitting position but can't quite get it so will end up falling into her rolling over position. I just happened to get a picture right at the fall over stage!!! She thinks its the neatest game!!!

Laughing Madi

Madison had wiggled her way into the dining room and was laughing so hard... it was so funny. I was making some funny noises to keep her laughing while David was taking the pictures... i can just imagine what was going through her head... "my mama is so weird!!"
I love this picture. I think it is the first picture where Madi sort of looks like me ( Anne) ... yeah.. she is starting to look like me!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

My favourite pictures

These pictures are my favourite pictures of me and David with Madison. Here is Madison lying on her daddy's chest. She is just so peaceful yet so alert. I just love how content she is. I am sure you can notice how yellow she is. For those of you who don't know she had a really bad case of jaundice and we had to stay in the hospital an extra 3 days to make sure she was ok. She actually is a lot less yellow here than she was... she pretty much glowed yellow at her worst!
This is a picture I took at the same time as the one above with David. I wish I had used a flash because it turned out so dark. But again.. i love how peaceful the picture is..
Here Madison is only 3 days old. I love that her eyes are open and she is nestled right in. I get so happy when I look at this picture. The white dot on the side of her head is what they attached to here to make her glasses stick to her face for when the had to put her in under the blue lights. That way we could take the glasses off and of easily and not hurt her everytime.


I am sure most of you have heard that Madison used to HATE having a bath.. ever since she was born she would scream and scream and her whole body would tense and go red whenever we would give her a bath. We tried so many different ways... warmer, colder, the big bathtub, just a wash cloth.. nothing worked. So I decided that I was going to give her a bath every night until she started to be ok with it... and after only like 4 days.. she started to love it!! ( That was a few months ago) Now we need to wear protective clothing whenever we give her a bath and put down towels everywhere in the bathroom.. it is amazing how much water one little girl can get everywhere!!! She loves splashing and playing in the bath and especially loves being wrapped up in a towel and cuddled afterwards!! The other day she kept herself all wrapped up and was making the cutest faces and her hair was all frizzy it was so cute.. we couldn't help but take some pictures!!

Musings on being a mom

I am not sure if I am even qualified to be writing anything on being a mom seeing as I have only had this title for not even 8 months. I never imagined how fulfilled my life would be when Madison became a part of it. I can't imagine life without her (and of course David). There are days when I feel like everything that I do with her and for her are so wrong and that she just can't stand me.. but they are outshadowed by the great days. I love waking up in the morning and knowing that right across the hall is the most precious little girl that ever lived. The best part of my day is when I hear her waking up and go into her room and turn on the light and that precious little angel smiles up at me... me... somedays I just can't believe it.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Sam

As most of you know Madison's Aunt Becky and Uncle Sam are in South Korea. They are there for the next year teaching english in Osan City, which is about 2 hours from Seoul. It is really hard to have them so far away especially with Madi being so small. We talk about them all the time so that she can hear about them and maybe even learn their names before they come home!! These pictures where taken the last time we saw Aunt Becky and Uncle Sam in May. Mom and Dad ( Nana and Popa) had a swing in their backyard which Madison loved swinging on and she had a blast swinging with Aunt Becky. The other picture is taken of Becky and Sam at Mom and Dad's 50th Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party. They are such great people and greatly missed. They have a blog at www.joneskoreanadventure.blogspot.com if anyone wants to check it out. It is a really neat page they have created that shares their adventures with friends and family!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


David has a chin up bar attached across Madison's room and we decided the other day that she should learn how to use it to beef up her arm muscles!!! We were really surprised when she actually held on for a little bit.. don't worry grandma's.. we didn't let go!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fun with toys

I catch Madi with the cutest faces when she is playing with her toys. Here is a book that she picked out herself at the store. It is all soft and has a baby on a cord that you play with while you read the book. She loves it.. there are so many textures and it plays music. She has even figured out how to push the button to make it sing!
Uncle Nathan gave Madison a Carebear that is dressed like a lady bug. Her favourite part of the bear is the antennas... she loves chewing on them. This kid loves anything that can fit in her mouth... we have to keep an eye on her!!
Another day... another toy stuck in the mouth!!!
Here she is laughing at me as I kept poking my head out from behind the camera.. she was laughing so hard she forgot to suck on the antenna!!! ( but only for a few short seconds!)

Good sleeper

The last few nights we have found Madison sleeping in the funniest positions ever! It is so funny how you can put them to bed sleeping one way in the crib and then you check on them a few hours later and they are completely turned 180 degrees!!! The cutest little feet ever!!!
This was 180 degress from the way we put her to bed and then she had her feet touching the end of the crib... all scrunched up.
How anyone can sleep like this I'll never know... one leg straight the other 90 degrees and resting on the side of the crib!!! Too cute :)

First time at the park

We decided to brave the bugs and take Madi to the park the other day.
side note : ( the bugs have been horrible this summer... i can't remember them being this bad last summer but I guess after nine months of winter you forget what summer was like!!)
She loved the swing.. didn't really understand it at first but loved the faces mama was making at her so realized it was fun and started laughing.
She looks incredibly uncomfortable in this picture but trust us.. she was enjoying herself. I think was just didn't know where to put her hands!!
Madison had on new shoes and when we first arrived at the park that was the only thing that she cared about.... until she noticed the other kids playing and wanted in on that action.
She was a little uncertain about the slide but after a few tries she loved it!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sweet potatoes...not so much

Well.. we introduce little Miss Madi to sweet potatoes last week and as you can see by the pictures they weren't a favourite right away. Here is the first spoonful.... is she going to like it????
Not so much!!!! Here she is trying to get her head as far away as possible from the spoonful that mama is trying to give her... the look of fear in her eyes is so funny!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Crazy Humidity

When we were in Ontario it was really hot and humid. It is not at all like that in Yellowknife so it was neat to see what the humidity did to Madi's hair. We were wondering if her hair was going to be curly like her mama's. And if what her hair did because of the humidity is any indication.. she is going to have a set of curls for sure!


While we were in Ontario Madi got to meet some family members she had never met before. We were able to take lots of pictures and had a great time introducing her to everyone. Here is Madi and her Great-Oma( David's Oma). We aren't sure what "great" is in dutch so we are just going with Great-Oma. It was so neat to watch Oma with Madison. She would sing all these cute little dutch nursery rythms to her and Madison was transfixed with her voice!
This is Madison with Uncle John and Aunt Nellie (David's aunt and uncle). They drove up from Bowmanville and brought Oma and Aunt Sarah and Ryan with them. They had brought their camper with them and lived out in that in their "castle on the hill"!! It was so special to see Madi interact with them.
Here is a family pic. We had great intentions to take a nice family picture of us all dressed up after church but of course with two babies who are on completely different nap schedules that didn't happen so instead we did an informal photo shoot. Madison and Ryan would not look at the camera no matter what we did. It was set on a timer so there was no one to get their attention so we would throw toys just before the timer would go off but instead of looking at the toy they would turn around to see who had thrown the toy... it was humourous.
Here is a sibling picture! ( grandma and grandpa were trying to get the babies to look at the camera, it was hilarious to watch)
4 generations of Mobach's. David, Oma, Grandpa(Bernard) and Madi. What a neat thing that we have all these generations together.

Water Toy

Madison had gotten this blow-up water toy as a gift at one of her baby showers and we were so excited to bring it to Ontario to use it in the lake. At first she was a little unsure but when she realized that the water kind of pooled around her legs and she could splash in it, she was hooked!
She loved it when the waves would come in and she would bob around in them. She also liked that she didn't have to wear a hat while she was in it cause of the sun shade. What is it with kids and hats eh??!!! Why won't they leave them on?! :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pool time

Aunt Sarah brought along a little pool that had a sun shade on it and Madison and Ryan would spend part of every afternoon relaxing in it! We would put just a few inches of water in the bottom so that the babies could splash and play around in it! They loved it.
Madison had discovered that she had toes. This was the first time and she kept trying to bend down and suck on them, hence my hand firmly on her bathing suit.

In this picture Madison was splashing and splashing and Ryan was getting a little annoyed at getting wet so Sarah turned him away! As you can see.. her tongue is out trying to eat the water she is splashing.


We had such a good time with Madison in the water when we were home in Ontario. She HATED the water when she was first born she would scream bloody murder during her whole bath. So we were so excited when she took right to the water, even to be in the lake...waves and all. Here Madi is splashing and then trying to eat the water that flies up! She would splash and splash and her face would just be dripping wet but she was laughing and loving it!
This was Madi's first introduction to the lake. The water was coming up over the rocks and making neat noises and she kept trying to bend down and touch it... I had to lift up her head to make her look at David while he took the picture.
Here is Madi with David. The waves would come in and splash them both. We thought at first that she wouldn't like this at all and David tried to keep her up and out of the water but we quickly learned she loved having the waves splash her.