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Friday, August 04, 2006


While we were in Ontario Madi got to meet some family members she had never met before. We were able to take lots of pictures and had a great time introducing her to everyone. Here is Madi and her Great-Oma( David's Oma). We aren't sure what "great" is in dutch so we are just going with Great-Oma. It was so neat to watch Oma with Madison. She would sing all these cute little dutch nursery rythms to her and Madison was transfixed with her voice!
This is Madison with Uncle John and Aunt Nellie (David's aunt and uncle). They drove up from Bowmanville and brought Oma and Aunt Sarah and Ryan with them. They had brought their camper with them and lived out in that in their "castle on the hill"!! It was so special to see Madi interact with them.
Here is a family pic. We had great intentions to take a nice family picture of us all dressed up after church but of course with two babies who are on completely different nap schedules that didn't happen so instead we did an informal photo shoot. Madison and Ryan would not look at the camera no matter what we did. It was set on a timer so there was no one to get their attention so we would throw toys just before the timer would go off but instead of looking at the toy they would turn around to see who had thrown the toy... it was humourous.
Here is a sibling picture! ( grandma and grandpa were trying to get the babies to look at the camera, it was hilarious to watch)
4 generations of Mobach's. David, Oma, Grandpa(Bernard) and Madi. What a neat thing that we have all these generations together.

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