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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


We had such a good time with Madison in the water when we were home in Ontario. She HATED the water when she was first born she would scream bloody murder during her whole bath. So we were so excited when she took right to the water, even to be in the lake...waves and all. Here Madi is splashing and then trying to eat the water that flies up! She would splash and splash and her face would just be dripping wet but she was laughing and loving it!
This was Madi's first introduction to the lake. The water was coming up over the rocks and making neat noises and she kept trying to bend down and touch it... I had to lift up her head to make her look at David while he took the picture.
Here is Madi with David. The waves would come in and splash them both. We thought at first that she wouldn't like this at all and David tried to keep her up and out of the water but we quickly learned she loved having the waves splash her.

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