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Monday, October 30, 2006

Madi Video

Here is a video that I put together to music to sort of commemorate the first few months of Madi's life.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Madi Mama and Auntie Lou

I love this picture of me and Lor and Madison. It is taken on Mom and Dad's stairs in the new house ( yeah for the new house!). Madi had just woken up.... she was all cuddly and cute ( this is the night that she threw up for the first time ... that was an adventure.. i'll write more later!)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Madi talking and stuff!!!

Here is a short video of Madi talking and playing in her highchair. You'll have to tip your head sideways to watch it cause I wasn't able to get it turned around... sorry!!

Some of my fav BC Madi pics

Here are a few of my favourite Madi pics from when we were in BC. You can click on them to make them bigger! This was taken at a weird angle... but she is so cute!
Auntie Andrea ( Uncle Andrew's girlfriend) took this picture when she was watching Madi one morning. I love that it is black and white... she looks so cuddly.
Classic Madi...
Another pic by Auntie Andrea... so cute

Friday, October 27, 2006

Madi crawling

Here is Madi crawling... she looks so funny.. she sort of drags her legs and pulls forward with one arm and the elbow of the other.. kind of army like... a style all her own!

Madi "walking"

Here is a short video of Madi "walking" with her Auntie Lou..... there is no sound on this video. And if you click on it, it should take you to the site and make it bigger so you can see!

Back in Yellowknife

Well we are home safe and sound in Yellowknife. We got back wednesday night at 10:00 pm.. it was a long day. We had to leave mom and dad's house at 8:30 cause its 3 hours to the airport and we needed to stop along the way to pick up some stuff ( oh the joy of having no stores in Yellowknife... you shop way to much when you are away!) But our flights left on time so that was good.. we didn't have much time between our Edmonton connections so we were worried that if we were late at all we would have been stuck for the night at the airport which is one thing when its just the two of you but a whole other story when you have a 10 month old!!! Madi hardly slept the whole day ( only 20 mins. in the Vancouver airport) but she was a perfect baby otherwise. She was really cuddly ( not normal so we knew she was tired!) and went right to bed when we walked through the door. I (Anne) had a horrible cold (still getting over it.. not feeling the greatest) so the constant up and down of the plane did not make my head feel the best but all in all it was a good day... I have lots of pictures and videos to add to the blog so check back lots....

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Just a quick note. I am in BC visiting Mom and Dad, and Madi is busy being spoiled. They don't have a phone or internet yet ( I am at the church right now ) so I won't be able to post any pictures for awhile! As soon as it is up .. i will send them right away!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Madi is crawling.....well sort of!

Well... Madi has finally done it!! Shown some desire to move forward not just push herself backwards. She was playing on the floor last week while I was typing up some emails and I turned to look at her and notice she was not where I had put her down.. which is normal.. she pushes herself backwards all the time but instead of being farther away from me...lo and behold she was closer to me!!! And she was reaching out trying to get a plastic cup and and M&M's Meatshop box that I had put on the floor to tempt her. Never did I think that would be what finally tempted her.. we have tried everything... the phone, remotes ( why are kids so drawn to these things??.. she will lunge herself off of your lap to try and reach them.. hold on tight!) So anyway.. back to the story!!! She wanted that cup and box so badly.... she was stretching out to get them... so I got down on the floor and started tempting her even more with them... "come and get the cup Madi.. you can do it.. get the box!!" and whata you know.. she started army crawling forward.. i just about screamed out loud...She looks so cute when she crawls.. she looks like a little inch worm!!! Her arms go out and then her butt comes up and then her legs go out.. we tried to capture it in pictures.. which was a bit hard... but you can get the gist of it! I am going to take some video when i go to mom and dad's ( this thursday oct 5) and will try to put it on soon!! Enjoy! I want my olivia book!!

Inch worm crawl!!!

Almost got it!