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Friday, October 27, 2006

Back in Yellowknife

Well we are home safe and sound in Yellowknife. We got back wednesday night at 10:00 pm.. it was a long day. We had to leave mom and dad's house at 8:30 cause its 3 hours to the airport and we needed to stop along the way to pick up some stuff ( oh the joy of having no stores in Yellowknife... you shop way to much when you are away!) But our flights left on time so that was good.. we didn't have much time between our Edmonton connections so we were worried that if we were late at all we would have been stuck for the night at the airport which is one thing when its just the two of you but a whole other story when you have a 10 month old!!! Madi hardly slept the whole day ( only 20 mins. in the Vancouver airport) but she was a perfect baby otherwise. She was really cuddly ( not normal so we knew she was tired!) and went right to bed when we walked through the door. I (Anne) had a horrible cold (still getting over it.. not feeling the greatest) so the constant up and down of the plane did not make my head feel the best but all in all it was a good day... I have lots of pictures and videos to add to the blog so check back lots....

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