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Monday, March 26, 2007

Madi and the toy top

When mom was in Korea she picked up a toy top for David. Laura, Becky and Sam had all gotten one from a market and loved playing with them so they brought one back for David and Andrew. Madison will watch David make it spin and last night she tried to help him pull off a cool trick!

Madison getting gussied up!

One day last week Madison was watching us get ready to go out and saw us put gel into our hair.. she started rubbing her hands together and through her hair. It is incredible how much she copies you!
(sidenote: Sorry for all the videos but since we are at mom and dad's they have a camera that takes videos and its our only chance to show off little Madi in motion!!)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Video of Madi playing peekaboo

Here is Madi playing a game of peekaboo at Nana's house!

Video of Madi walking

Here is a short video of Madison walking. If you click twice on it, it should take you to a screen that makes it bigger!

Monday, March 19, 2007

A GREAT announcement

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

That's right... we are expecting a second baby!! We are so excited and thrilled... looking forward to the new addition

Just lounging

I caught Madison just lounging against the side of the couch holding onto her Olivia book and looking all cool!! What a cool chick!
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She loves to read

I know we've said it before but here is even more evidence to prove how much Madi loves to read. She just gets right into reading which is such a good thing... hopefully it will last all her life. She was so into her book this day. She was reading "Olivia counts" If you don't know the Olivia books ,and you have a little person in your life, you need to head out to the nearest bookstore and get your hands on these books.. she loves them. They are about a little girl pig and, are in black and white and red. They are so cute and funny... really fun to read..even when its like the 50th time in 30mins!
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Enough pictures already!

" Okay, okay... enough with the pictures.. you guys are crazy!!"
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Cutie Pie!

These pictures speak for themselves!! We have a beautiful baby girl who is growing up way to fast!!
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Toy box mishap!

Normally Madison doesn't really care about her toybox and for that matter even her toys..she much perfers her books but today for some reason she was all about the toy box.. She still wasn't really "playing" with the toys so much as pulling EVERYTHING out of the box and throwing it on the floor behind her! But while doing this she sort of SLIPPED into her toy box and had to be rescued!!

I almost got that little toy.. just a little farther...."

"Oh no... only one leg still out there.. oh no... i am not getting out of here without help!"

"Now.. what else can I throw out....??"

Madi's "john hancock"

The last few weeks David has been studying for his CARS ( the test he needed to take to become a fully licensed mechanic) and writing out a lot of notes. (sidenote: He passed with flying colors...so proud of him) But I think that Madison has noticed his use of pens and other such writing materials! This morning after breakfast she decided that she wanted up onto his lap ( which she often does) and promptly grabbed a pen so he put a piece of paper underneath and we waited to see if she would figure out how to use it!! Lo and behold she did... now as her mother of course I saw beautiful illustrations in the markings she made on the page but lets face it... she was just scribbling.. but we are proud nevertheless!

She decided that one wasn't enough and needed two!
What a cutie.. just praticing her signature for when she is famous!
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Pure joy

I love this picture of Madison. I took it the other day when Madi was playing with her sweater. I was making funny faces and talking in a weird voice and she was just laughing and laughing. It is so great when you capture something like this in a picture cause you can go back and look at it and just see so much joy in her little face.....
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Well.. Madison has officially crossed the line from crawling to walking!! It was crazy how all of a sudden one day she decided that she was not going to crawl and push her book in front of her...no that took way to long...she was going to get up on her two legs and walk that book over to Daddy to read to her!!!!
These pictures are in some sort of order of her taking three or four steps to get to her walker. The first day she was really "walking" she would do it for awhile and then seem to get tired so she would walk around with her "walker" and then put that aside and walk on her own!!
We would push the walker ahead of her so she would have to walk to get it!! Mean I know..but she learned quickly!!
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Madison and Daddy

David and Madi were looking out the window at the snow the other day and it made for a perfect photo op so I ran to get the camera! Madi saw me coming and started to point at me. I think it was a priceless picture!
I love this picture too! I had said "smile Madi" and she gave me a big toothless grin ( well she was 7 teeth..but it still seems toothless!) that was adorable and the promptly went back to banging on the window and "waving at the houses"!
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Ice cream containers....what fun!

Here is yet another reason not to buy expensive toys for your kids ( unless of course they are bought by someone else!!)... Madison's new fascination is putting things on her head..whether that be her hat, her sweater, sometimes her shoes but most recently the empty ice cream container that holds her blocks!
She'll crawl over to the container, give you a look that says " I am going to make a mess now..." and dumps all the blocks out and then puts it on her head and laughs hysterically.. yesterday she tried to walk with it on her head..but she is still not the best when she has total vision so I put an end to walking with her eyes blocked!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Sleeping beauty!

We went in to check on Madison the other night and found her sleeping like this. We just had to take a picture!!! She was resting on one of her stuffed toys and totally looking like a diva!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Madison has discoverd peekaboo!! She will cover her eyes ( always seems to be a the dinner table!!) and then slowly peek an eye out and look at you.. and then giggle... too cute!

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