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Monday, March 12, 2007


Well.. Madison has officially crossed the line from crawling to walking!! It was crazy how all of a sudden one day she decided that she was not going to crawl and push her book in front of her...no that took way to long...she was going to get up on her two legs and walk that book over to Daddy to read to her!!!!
These pictures are in some sort of order of her taking three or four steps to get to her walker. The first day she was really "walking" she would do it for awhile and then seem to get tired so she would walk around with her "walker" and then put that aside and walk on her own!!
We would push the walker ahead of her so she would have to walk to get it!! Mean I know..but she learned quickly!!
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Loo said...

she's walking and talking...she's brilliant!

Sam and Becky said...

She's like the perfect little Osh Kosh B'Gosh kid in her little jeans, walking around like nobody's business.
Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Barbie said...

She knows....oh she knows!!!
She is soooooo cute walking like she owns the world!!!
love it

Sheila said...

Wow, Madi!! Walking, running!! You are doing it all!! Auntie Sheila is so proud of you! What a big, big girl you are! xoxoxoxo