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Monday, March 12, 2007

Ice cream containers....what fun!

Here is yet another reason not to buy expensive toys for your kids ( unless of course they are bought by someone else!!)... Madison's new fascination is putting things on her head..whether that be her hat, her sweater, sometimes her shoes but most recently the empty ice cream container that holds her blocks!
She'll crawl over to the container, give you a look that says " I am going to make a mess now..." and dumps all the blocks out and then puts it on her head and laughs hysterically.. yesterday she tried to walk with it on her head..but she is still not the best when she has total vision so I put an end to walking with her eyes blocked!


Loo said...

that's the cutest bucket head kid i've ever seen!!!
love you all!!!

Sam and Becky said...

I love the new pics...she's getting so big! I love the one of David holding her and looking at her while she's pointing at you. Good capturing with the camera!
I miss you guys. Seeing these pics made me wish I could come visit!
I love you,

Sheila said...

Ok, whose sense of humour does Madi have?
Keep it supple, keep it supple!!! Remember that day, David?
Too funny! Love you, Aunt Sheila