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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Madi's "john hancock"

The last few weeks David has been studying for his CARS ( the test he needed to take to become a fully licensed mechanic) and writing out a lot of notes. (sidenote: He passed with flying colors...so proud of him) But I think that Madison has noticed his use of pens and other such writing materials! This morning after breakfast she decided that she wanted up onto his lap ( which she often does) and promptly grabbed a pen so he put a piece of paper underneath and we waited to see if she would figure out how to use it!! Lo and behold she did... now as her mother of course I saw beautiful illustrations in the markings she made on the page but lets face it... she was just scribbling.. but we are proud nevertheless!

She decided that one wasn't enough and needed two!
What a cutie.. just praticing her signature for when she is famous!
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Sam and Becky said...

I love that picture of her looking at you with the pen in her hand...such a little glamour girl! Make sure you save any notes she writes to her Auntie Beck!
Love you guys,