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Friday, March 28, 2008

Excuse the mess.... i'm renovating....

You will have to patient as i try to update the look of our blog. Not the easiest to do when you have a toddler that is interested in whatever you are doing when you open the labtop!!! Bear with me... give me a few days... and be wowed!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snuggle my bean

When we went to the park (see next post) we dressed Lily all nice and snuggly and got some cute pictures..

Love of my life and my little bean

All snuggly in her car seat

Big sister Madison "helping" Lily out of her carseat!

Fun at the park....in -30 weather!!

About a week ago we decided that we were sick of the cold weather and we were going to bundle the girls up and take them outside to play
(ok.. i realize that Lily doesn't exactly "play" but you get my drift!)
Well.. Madi was in heaven. We had discovered this park last summer and frequented it during the nicer months but figured since we have to drive to this park, that in -30 weather it was a bit much to bundle the girls, throw them in the car ( of course not literally!) and drive 10 min to the park, haul them out ( again not literal!) play for the 5 mins ,before Madison freezes to death and then repeat the process back to the house.
Well...after 5 months of hunkering down during the colder weather we decided to brave the cold and see what happened. I honestly believe my beloved stubborn 2yr old would have stayed at this park playing until her limbs actually fell off from being frozen had she been allowed to....

As you can probably tell by the sequence of pics, she loved the slide, and for all of you with children, you will know and understand the level of speed a young child can achieve in a polyester snowsuit on a cold plastic slide!!! It was awesome... had I been 6 months pregnant I probably would have peed my pants laughing at her!! Thank goodness I'm not!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What's in a name???.......

I don't think that I have ever posted on why we named our girls what we did... I am always interested in the story of why others name their kids what they do, so I thought I would share our story..

Madison Elizabeth Leona Mobach
MADISON - even before we got pregnant we loved this name. We had heard it somewhere but don't really remember where. It fits our Madi to a t!
ELIZABETH- Davids mom's name and Anne's grandma's name
LEONA- Anne's middle name, Anne's mom's middle name, Anne's greatgrandma's name

Lily Christine Joy Mobach
LILY- a name we just got stuck on and loved. It was actually easier to name Madi than Lily but once we came up with Lily it stuck. We love that its not a common name but cute and slightly old fashioned
CHRISTINE-Aunt Laura's ( Anne's sister) middle name
JOY- Aunt Becky's ( Anne's sister) middle name

So there you have it... our girls and their names!

Just born.....

These are some pictures of the girls just after they had been born... they show how much of a difference there really is between a 9lb baby (madi) and a 6.5lb baby (lily)!!!



Another of my favs

(David holding Lily's feet)

Madi and Lily

I thought that I would post some pics of the girls at the same age and see the differences and similarities!








Here are 2 pictures of Lily about 3 months apart. She is still a tiny thing but progressing great. We are off to the Dr. for her 4 month check up on friday... WOW.. 4 months already!!

Nov 14, 2007

Feb. 21, 2008