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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What's in a name???.......

I don't think that I have ever posted on why we named our girls what we did... I am always interested in the story of why others name their kids what they do, so I thought I would share our story..

Madison Elizabeth Leona Mobach
MADISON - even before we got pregnant we loved this name. We had heard it somewhere but don't really remember where. It fits our Madi to a t!
ELIZABETH- Davids mom's name and Anne's grandma's name
LEONA- Anne's middle name, Anne's mom's middle name, Anne's greatgrandma's name

Lily Christine Joy Mobach
LILY- a name we just got stuck on and loved. It was actually easier to name Madi than Lily but once we came up with Lily it stuck. We love that its not a common name but cute and slightly old fashioned
CHRISTINE-Aunt Laura's ( Anne's sister) middle name
JOY- Aunt Becky's ( Anne's sister) middle name

So there you have it... our girls and their names!

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Koala Bear said...

I know this comment is really late but thanks for sharing this, I always find it interesting too how people decide on names! I also enjoyed your comparison pics of the girls at the same age, wow what a difference in some of them, and in some of them I think they look quite similar!