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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Five years ago I married my best friend...it was the best day of my life! And every day since has been better than the day before!
In the past five years we have lived in 2 provinces, 4 apartments, had 4 vehicles, and had 2 perfect daughters! I can't imagine what the next 5 years and forever can hold but I know that with David beside me we can do anything!!!
(when we got married "digital" was still sort of new so we didn't get our pictures on disk, these are some that Uncle Neil did for us.... enjoy!)

You should see what my sweetie got my for this anniversary.... I will try and post some pictures in the next few days .... lets just say its still at the jeweller's... what a lucky woman I am!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two Princesses....

Monday, June 09, 2008

Lily is going to kill me when she is bigger......

We had been out shopping a couple of weeks ago and hadn't "smelled" anything , so we were quite surprised when we got home and pulled Lily out of her carseat to discover THIS.....yikes.. Right into the shower she went...nasty but had to share.. all you other parents out there will appreciate this!!!

An interesting tidbit of info!

When we moved to Yellowknife back in 2004 we drove all the way from Ontario and arrived at night in the dark. We knew that we were driving in on a dirt highway ( the last 70ish km to town) but didn't realize exactly what it looked like till we went out during the day. In the following years they have made a new highway ( which still leaves something to be desired... oh the joys of living in a northern city). We went out a couple of weeks ago and I decided to take some pictures to share with you all!! ENJOY!

This is the old highway....scary eh!!! And this isn't even the worst of it. In some spots you had to go 20km/hr cause of the big holes and when you had to pass someone it could get pretty hairy... especially trucks!! Scary!

The "new" highway.. I think if you click on it and make it bigger you might be able to see the dips and holes in it already!! Oh permafrost!!!

Jolly jumpers and exersaucers!!!!

We never had a Jolly Jumper for Madi and never really thought about one for Lily, until we saw one on sale and decided to splurge for our "bean"! She LOVES it! Its a bit awkward to get her in by myself but if David's around it is fine!! So cute to watch her.... and of course "helpful" Madi makes sure she is doing it right!

Loving her Jolly Jumper! Notice Madi in the background. She is putting a "friend" ( stuffed animal" in Lily's carseat.. complete with blanket and everything!!!

Bouncing around!!

We pulled out our exersaucer (check out this old post) and tried Lily out in it! I really don't think that Madi remembered it but she could figure out the toys quickly and "showed" Lily how they all worked! And for some reason she decided that Lilybean needed a hat, so she ran to her room and grabbed her hat and threw it on Lil's head!! Too adorable!

Not the best fit but cute nonetheless!

Yummy food.... a little messy but good!!!

We started Lily on solids... i can sum up the whole experience in one word.... FRUSTRATING.... not sure why it seems to be such a complicated thing for her but we will keep on till she gets it. When Madi was first learning to "eat" she was all for it... paid attention, focused, learned really quickly.. With Lil is the complete opposite. She looks around everywhere, blows bubbles with the food, her little tongue keeps pushing all the food out.. frustrating but we will get it!!!

First bite... looks interesting.. I will open my mouth!

That darn tongue!

Not so sure about this stuff...

Ok.. not a big fan...

Are you kidding me...get that spoon away from me!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I was number 2001!!!!

WOW!!!! Since feb. 15 2008 I have had 2000 visitors to my blog!!! ( I was 2001... checking to see if anyone left me comments!!.....come on people...love the comments!).... How exciting.. makes me want to blog even more.. check back in the next few days for even more adventure of us 4!!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Birthday picnic....continued

More pics from our picnic

Lily and Daddy...always with the tongue!

Madi off "exploring"

Daddy giving Lily an airplane ride!

Madi and Mama

Birthday picnic

We went for another picnic on David's birthay to a new spot we found. It is so nice here in the summer, not too hot and not a lot of rain, so we take advantage!!! It was a nice spot right by a lake, with a nice area for Madi to "explore". It was a bit cool with the wind right off the water but we got some nice family pictures, enjoyed our food and all in all had a super time!

Mama and her girls

Daddy and his girls!

Lilybean and Mama!

Daddy and his Lilybean

More bday!!!

Madi enjoying her Mocha cake (secret family recipe!)

Shoving her cake into her mouth!

Super fun streamers. David's Oma gave me some packages of streamers from Holland. They are so great. They are reusable and David's family have some similar ones they put up on birthdays... I love love love them!! And so did Madi. She told me all the colors that she saw and Lily spent a good part of her day with her head up starring!!!


June 3rd was David's birthday and this year he was off, so we had a super party and a great day all together!!!
(sidenote of interest: My sisters husband ( Sam ), and David both have the same birthday ( June 3 ) but also the same year (1980)...isn't that so freaky!)
When Madi woke up she saw all the streamers and balloons ( taboons, according to Madi ) and got super excited. She thought that it was "daddy and mani's birthday" and was so upset that I hadn't gotten her a present! So I quickly ran and pulled from my present stash and gave her something to open!!!

Opening "their" presents!

Helping Daddy open his presents ( notice her socks!! she picked out new ones the day before and proceeded to put them all on at some point in the next 24 hrs! she isn't even wearing matching ones at this point cause they were all over the house and she couldn't find the pairs!)

David and his birthday cake! I bought sparklers for it.. Madi thought it was so awesome ( sorry about no color.. i didn't realize the camera was set on B/W)

Enjoying the sparklers! When we sang "Happy Birthday" Madi sang "happy birthday to Daddy and Mani!" It was SO funny!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lily's test results

I just got back from the dr. and am SO happy to say that her U/S results came back normal. So, that being said, she is just a little girl who hasn't grown into her head yet...but she will!!! In terms of the blood tests for the bleeding, they came back normal too but since she was sent for them by the Ped. she has to wait to see him before being given a clean bill of health. My dr. said that he might even send her for more tests to see if he can figure out the bleeding but again we have to wait to see him till the 9th...... so that is really good news and we couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

We went for a picnic last May and I got some pics that were pretty similar to todays pictures so I thought that I would post them so you can see "what a difference a year makes"

May 2007

May 2008

May 2007

May 2008

Lily bean

So cute in her sun hat!!!


We decided to head out the Ingram Trail(the road the truckers take to catch the ice road up to the mines and a road that has lots of parks and lakes on it) and have a picnic today. So... we packed up our lunch and a whole lot more stuff we didn't end up even using and headed out!

There was a lookout about half way to our picnic site that we stopped at and "threw rocks". It was about 50ft down to the lake but Madi was still convinced she was "throwing rocks into the water"!!!

A beautiful shot of our beautiful girl!

There was a massive sand hill that we had to climb down to get by the water to sit and have our lunch so David and Madi were looking out trying to figure out the easiest way down!

Mama and her girls!

Madi sitting in the sand ( boy does this girl hate getting dirty... she crawled on her elbows so that she didn't have to get her hands dirty to get up!!! ) If you look really closely you can see remnants of a treat! Her first OREO cookie!!! They went over really well.