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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


We decided to head out the Ingram Trail(the road the truckers take to catch the ice road up to the mines and a road that has lots of parks and lakes on it) and have a picnic today. So... we packed up our lunch and a whole lot more stuff we didn't end up even using and headed out!

There was a lookout about half way to our picnic site that we stopped at and "threw rocks". It was about 50ft down to the lake but Madi was still convinced she was "throwing rocks into the water"!!!

A beautiful shot of our beautiful girl!

There was a massive sand hill that we had to climb down to get by the water to sit and have our lunch so David and Madi were looking out trying to figure out the easiest way down!

Mama and her girls!

Madi sitting in the sand ( boy does this girl hate getting dirty... she crawled on her elbows so that she didn't have to get her hands dirty to get up!!! ) If you look really closely you can see remnants of a treat! Her first OREO cookie!!! They went over really well.

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Anonymous said...

What great pics! A year sure does make a difference. what a big girl and now there are 2!!!
Looks like you had a great day!
Love Mom