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Monday, June 09, 2008

Yummy food.... a little messy but good!!!

We started Lily on solids... i can sum up the whole experience in one word.... FRUSTRATING.... not sure why it seems to be such a complicated thing for her but we will keep on till she gets it. When Madi was first learning to "eat" she was all for it... paid attention, focused, learned really quickly.. With Lil is the complete opposite. She looks around everywhere, blows bubbles with the food, her little tongue keeps pushing all the food out.. frustrating but we will get it!!!

First bite... looks interesting.. I will open my mouth!

That darn tongue!

Not so sure about this stuff...

Ok.. not a big fan...

Are you kidding me...get that spoon away from me!


Anonymous said...

This pictures, for sure, has to be saved for her wedding!!!!


Anonymous said...

That last photo is just too funny! I just cracked up with laughter as I showed it to Shannon. I can just feel Lily's disgust! It is precious. Your girls are just the cutest!!

Gloria Storey