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Monday, June 09, 2008

Jolly jumpers and exersaucers!!!!

We never had a Jolly Jumper for Madi and never really thought about one for Lily, until we saw one on sale and decided to splurge for our "bean"! She LOVES it! Its a bit awkward to get her in by myself but if David's around it is fine!! So cute to watch her.... and of course "helpful" Madi makes sure she is doing it right!

Loving her Jolly Jumper! Notice Madi in the background. She is putting a "friend" ( stuffed animal" in Lily's carseat.. complete with blanket and everything!!!

Bouncing around!!

We pulled out our exersaucer (check out this old post) and tried Lily out in it! I really don't think that Madi remembered it but she could figure out the toys quickly and "showed" Lily how they all worked! And for some reason she decided that Lilybean needed a hat, so she ran to her room and grabbed her hat and threw it on Lil's head!! Too adorable!

Not the best fit but cute nonetheless!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!! so cute....and what a wonderful big sister!!! Here's hoping they will always be friends!!!
Right Anne??!!!
I am sure they will fight over who has to turn off the light at night!!!!