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Monday, February 26, 2007

Chili con taco chip!

Madison loves chili..well.. pretty much Madi loves anything!! But I had made taco soup ( Uncle Sam's recipe.. its like a mexican chili) and Madi loves it. I thought it would be too hot but she loves it.. must be the S. American in her!! Of course it gets everywhere.. so we usually have it on bath night!! And we gave her a taco chip to try.. loved it too!! Why do babies automatically put their hands into their hair when they are dirty???

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"look where you're going!!"

Madison has started "speed" crawling.. this is accomplished by putting her head down and just charging forward until she runs into something.. usually a wall or the couch... Not sure why she started with the head down..maybe she is watching her knees???
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Giving hugs

Madison has been giving hugs when asked for a few months now but recently she will crawl over to you and lay her head down without you even asking!! It is so neat to have your child hug you.. what an amazing feeling..  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Check me out.. i am walking!

Starting out of my knees...
Trying to pull myself up.... almost there!
Yeah.. I am walking! Posted by Picasa

Yellow shoes and pink tootoos

When I was going through Madi's clothes I found a bunch of stuff that I had put away till she was bigger... and guess what.. she's bigger.. I can't believe how fast she has grown. In the pile of stuff were these yellow sandals and a pink tootoo that a friend of ours gave to Madison. She was going through the pile and picking at stuff and came over to me dragging the sandals ( they were attached) and the tootoo so I obliged and put them both on! She started walking around (with the aid of her walker thingy) and loving it! She was saying "choos, choos, choos"!!!!
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Space Saver Bags.... WOW

Before we moved I had gone through all of Madison's baby clothes and organized them into boxes ( it seemed that everytime she finished a box of diapers she had outgrown a bunch of clothes so I just kept throwing them into there!) I had them all seperated by size and was so proud of myself. Well the other day I was in her closet looking for stuff and thought.. there has to be a better way. I had nine boxes of clothes and other baby things and it was taking up way to much room. I had seen these "space saver" bags on tv and went to Walmart and lo and behold our Walmart had them. I unpacked all the clothes and put them into 2 piles. 0-6 months and 6-12 months and away we went. David wasn't so much into the organizing as he was into the packing of the bags and the sucking out of air. It was incredible how much we could fit in!!
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just a good pic

I just love this picture of Madison. David was making her laugh and she was just killing herself giggling at him!! She is so cute! Posted by Picasa

Mama's nalgene

I bought myself a new nalgene (water bottle) yesterday. I had used my old one to carry Madi's formula when we would travel and can't get the "formula" smell out... so I got a new pretty pink one. Well... of course Madi saw me drinking out of it and she wanted to drink out of it! So I gave her a few sips and then put the lid on and let her play with it.... She wanted that water so badly!

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Daddy's sweater!

David is off now for 4 days so that makes for more time to take pictures. I had gone to have a shower (yeah..boy do I miss the exersaucer days!) and Madi and David were playing in the living room. She had found his sweater and was trying to put it on. She is fascinated with her clothes and shoes right now. She will say "shoes" and drag them around with her and try to put them on... or "hat" and try to put it on her head... she is going to love shopping for clothes I am sure ( Auntie Beck and Auntie Laura will be so happy!) She say me poking my head around the corner for this pic!

This is my absolute favourite..
She was so excited! Posted by Picasa

The many faces of Madison

Madison makes the cutest faces...and sometimes we are lucky enough to have the camera close by to capture them!! She is such a character! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 16, 2007


David taught Madi how to turn the lights off and on in her room and in the hallway. It was fun to watch. As I was waiting to get a good shot she figured it out! She was just trying to push the knob in with her finger but than its like a light went off in her head ( no pun intended!) and she used her thumb and forefinger and up and down went that switch!! Its a good thing she isn't tall enough to do it by herself! Posted by Picasa

Help..i am stuck under the table!

David stayed home with Madison two days this week while I went into work for a few hours and this is what happens!!! Just kidding.... she is so active! She is the perfect height to stand up holding onto a chair but be all the way under the table! I love this shot.. David is so good at taking pictures.. I love the way that she is looking through the bars in the chair out at him! Posted by Picasa

Some new pics

Madi waking up after a nap. I moved her crib around so the one end is by the door and now when she is ready go get out of bed she pulls herself up and waits "patiently" till me come and get her!
"Where is your belly Madi?" Madison can show you her belly, teeth and toes now...what a smart cookie!
"Where are your teeth"
I think we have a little reader on our hands.. she loves to read and look at books..doesn't matter what it is.. Her newest favourite is a book that tells you about used cars that we bought when we were getting our first car...no pictures...all writing..but she loves it.. lugs it everywhere! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My sister Becky!

I was going through pictures and missing my sister Becky so I thought that I would make a collage of some of the ones that were the best!! She is probably going to hate me but hopefully she will get a chuckle out of it all the way over in Korea.. Most of these are from highschool......I was going to do a slideshow when she got married but lucky for her she asked someone else!! Oh well...it is all cause I miss her immensely... wish you were here... sniff sniff Posted by Picasa

Frozen in Yellowknife

This is from our first New Year's in Yellowknife. It was New Year's day and we had decided to go skating... it was a bad idea from the getgo!! My skates where old plastic ones and it was so cold out that they cracked.... the car alarm kept going off cause it was so cold....and we almost froze our faces off.. evident by the picture!!! Oh... they were good times! Posted by Picasa

Andrew Andrew Andrew

Here is a classic Andrew.... always the goof.. We play a game at christmas where you buy a cheap gift and then everyone choses and then fights over what they get.. its a good time.. but sometimes the gifts are questionable.. ( that is mostly the guys.. Andrew, Dad and David seem to always buy stuff for each other...even though thats not the point...but got to stick together eh boys!) This is from a few christmas' ago when Andrew was wearing/using some of the gifts!! Always a character! Posted by Picasa