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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Daddy's sweater!

David is off now for 4 days so that makes for more time to take pictures. I had gone to have a shower (yeah..boy do I miss the exersaucer days!) and Madi and David were playing in the living room. She had found his sweater and was trying to put it on. She is fascinated with her clothes and shoes right now. She will say "shoes" and drag them around with her and try to put them on... or "hat" and try to put it on her head... she is going to love shopping for clothes I am sure ( Auntie Beck and Auntie Laura will be so happy!) She say me poking my head around the corner for this pic!

This is my absolute favourite..
She was so excited! Posted by Picasa

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Sarah, Chris 'n Ryan said...

Ryan is so NOT into clothes. Getting dressed seems to be something he endures. Maybe it's a boy/girl thing?
BTW, I like the black and white photos - inspiring me to take some too!