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Friday, February 09, 2007


So Madi and I visited the Dr. today to try and find out about the skin thing she is suffering from. Our family Dr. wasn't available so we saw someone else. It was actually the Dr. that induced me when I was 11 days overdue and I think that Madison remembered cause she was fine while the nurse was in the room but as soon as the Dr. came in.. she lots it and screamed everytime she came into the room!!!! She must have known this was the person who rudely made her come out of her warm home!! So after listening to the symptoms she made her diagnosis... Roseola... a common childhood virus. Starts with fever for a few days and then the rash. It was actually almost gone today ( As I knew it would be....isn't that always the way... you book the appointment and then its gone before the appointment!) but it was good to hear it wasn't a food allergy or anything..!!
sidenote to all our friends with babies... don't worry she isn't contagious!! So we can play in the nursery on sunday!

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Nana said...

Hey Madi
Don't you worry....everyone gets those nasty Rosiolas....but I have to say YOU are the cutest one with it....
love you