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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yellow shoes and pink tootoos

When I was going through Madi's clothes I found a bunch of stuff that I had put away till she was bigger... and guess what.. she's bigger.. I can't believe how fast she has grown. In the pile of stuff were these yellow sandals and a pink tootoo that a friend of ours gave to Madison. She was going through the pile and picking at stuff and came over to me dragging the sandals ( they were attached) and the tootoo so I obliged and put them both on! She started walking around (with the aid of her walker thingy) and loving it! She was saying "choos, choos, choos"!!!!
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Loo said...

You are such a cutie Madison! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yellow shoes. Auntie Lala has shoes like that too. Super bright yellow. I'll try and find a pink tootoo so that I can match you when I see you at Easter. LOVE YOU! (all the way from Korea)