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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some minor skin problems

This post is specifically for Grandma and Auntie Sheila.. one is a nurse.. the other works for a dermatologist! So don't be grossed out! Madison woke up this morning with some sort of rash and ezcema looking stuff on her skin. She is only scratching her head nothing else. I called the dr. and they can't get her in till Friday and we have no walk in clinic.. i could take her to the hospital but they have some sort of infectious outbreak going on and I don't really want to take Madi there for just a rash.. Any ideas??? I have gotten some cortisone cream and put a bit of that on.. seems to be helping.. This is the leg..
This is her tummy.. the back looks the same
And her forhead (spelling??)
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Sheila said...

Hi Anne,
Check your email. I emailed you!! Love you, Aunt Sheila

Anonymous said...

It was almost 42 years since Aunt Sheila had her eczema but Anne it was everywhere...her head, feet,arms, legs, Her feet were especially bad also her head. These were at different times. But am sure Sheila remembers.
Poor baby!!!