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Monday, February 05, 2007


Madison has been eating solid adult food for about 3 months now.... she will not eat anything mashed.. it has to be cubed and she really hates it when you eat something different from her.. she will point at your plate and I am sure she is thinking.. "now, why do i have to eat this, when you get that?"... The other day I decided to give her a half of a banana to start to teach her to bite of bits to eat instead of me cubing everything.. i mean she has to learn sometime right!!! Made for a good photo op! She did get the hang of it.. she would take a bite and get so excited and clap and then pick up the banana and do it again... That is until the banana got lower than her fingers.... then she couldn't figure out how to take a bite without taking her fingers with it!! So she shoved the remainder in her mouth...... and.....
whala!!! A mouth full of banana!!! ( side note ... don't worry.. i dug out the banana and showed her how to take little bites.. i didn't let her choke on it!! ) Posted by Picasa

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Sam and Becky said...

So Cute!
I love the, "I have a whole banana in my mouth and don't know what to do" face...priceless!
I can't believe she's already old enough to eat solid food. Keep the pics coming, makes me feel like I'm there!
Love you guys,